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Christmas is just around the corner, so you should start planning your presents before the malls fill up and all the potential gifts fly off the shelves. Better yet, skip the crowded mall altogether by making your gifts with some quality materials and a lot of heart. You can easily make a handful of small DIY presents that are perfect for stuffing in a Christmas stocking.

Delicious Treats

Focus on decadent desserts and sweet snacks,so that they can indulgethe moment that they wake up on Christmas day. You can follow a simple recipe for coffee mug mixers—these are spoons covered in different chocolates, meant to be dipped and stirred into a cup of hot coffee or cocoa. Get some beautiful metal spoons, then hold the handle while you pour melted chocolate on the head. Then after the chocolate hardens, wrap the head of the spoon in cellophane and tie it off with string, ribbon or yarn. Play around with styles of mug mixers by choosing different chocolates and adding fun toppings like sea salt, caramel or crushed peppermint candy cane.

If you don’t want to make mug mixers, here is a quick list of other DIY treats that are great for stuffing in a Christmas stocking:

  • Sugar cookies in seasonal shapes like reindeer or snowflakes
  • Assortedjams, jellies and spreads
  • Squares of peppermint bark
  • Cake pops
  • Marshmallows

Winter Accessories

It will be snowing by the time the holidays arrive, so handmade winter accessories will be a thoughtful gift that will be greatly appreciated. You can fill a stocking with cozy mittens, caps and scarves knitted or crocheted with soft and colourful yarns. If you aren’t sure what accessory to make or how to even start your crafting project, you can visit the Yarnspirations website for a variety of patterns and ideas — there will be winter accessory options for men, women, children and babies. The website also offers a wide range of yarns and tools like needles, hooks and pompom makers for your projects. These presents are amazing stocking stuffers, because they’re fashionable and functional — instead of just being used for Christmas morning, these winter accessories will be worn all season long.

Homemade Cards

There is no point in buying expensive holiday cards, when you can make one that’s just as gorgeous at home. You can craft these cards using materials that you will already need for Christmas, like wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors and tape. With a bit of creative inspiration and a small supply of glitter, you can make a memorable card to slide into someone’s stocking. A homemade card will also have a more personal touch than a store-bought card, which family members and friends will appreciate.

Surprise your loved ones on Christmas morning by stuffing their stockings with wonderful homemade and handcrafted gifts. They will be thankful for their delicious treats, cozy winter accessories and their beautiful Christmas card, especially because they all came from the heart instead of a store.



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