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It’s a New Year and once again we find we are bombarded with media stories suggesting ObamaCare will be repealed and wondering whether we will be in healthcare poverty this next time around.

One thing that hasn’t changed for most of us, even with the Affordable Care Act, was any improvement on our dental health coverage. Although it made provisions for children’s dentistry, any dental coverage for adults was not included. With everyone tightening their belts after the holidays, perhaps it’s time we had a look at ways we can improve our dental health without necessarily having to pay more, and what better way than incorporating your dental healthcare into your annual vacation, or perhaps a special dental health trip? Here’s some locations in Mexico that offer visitors and dental tourists alike some food for thought.

Algodones – The Border

One such place that attracts around 3,000 dental tourists each day is Los Algodones, Mexico. Dentists here number around 900 – and out of a small population of only around 5,400 this shows you just how popular this Border town is. From December to March it is particularly busy as retirees and snowbirds from the cold northern US states seek out a sunnier climate in the south and also book in with dentists in Algodones to get their annual dental check-ups and any other dental treatments they may need.

Just 7 miles away from Yuma it’s a short trip on the Interstate 8 and Route 186 to the Andrade Border crossing. Secure parking on the US side means that most people walk into Algodones, get their dental treatment and spend a little time shopping for souvenirs, prescription medication and glasses – which are all considerably less expensive than they are in the US.

What about the cost? A root canal in Algodones will set you back around $250, compared to $1,200 in the US.

Cancun – The Riviera Maya

One of the most popular vacation spots in the country with several resorts, including Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Cancun. The Riviera Maya is endowed with miles of white, sandy beaches, the crystal ocean and palm trees swaying gently in the breeze conjuring idyllic images where you can pursue as much or as little as you want. Small islands and coral reefs provide interesting snorkeling and diving excursions, while the ancient remains of the Mayan culture at UNESCO World Heritage sites deliver a fascinating insight into times gone by.

Glitzy hotels, chic bars, classy restaurants and inspirational shopping facilities gives Cancun a sophisticated edge, and ecotourism is also popular here as the locals try to preserve the beauty of the landscapes and conserve the ecosystems living within.

Cancun has embraced dental tourism as much as it has traditional tourism. Dentists here are located near to the beaches, offering convenient locations for visitors to attend to their dental care.

How does dental treatment in Cancun compare to the US? Very well – with the prices exceptionally low. Dental veneers in the United States cost around $1,200 compared to $500 in Cancun.

The Pacific Coast – Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is another favorite vacation haunt for tourists from across the world. As the location for the Liz Taylor and Richard Burton film ‘Night of the Iguana’ in the 1960s which brought the town to international attention, it has attracted scores of regular visitors since.

Overlooking the Bahia de Banderas (Bay of Flags) and with a backdrop of a jungle-clad mountainside behind it, this town has a thriving arts scene with a rich cultural heritage. Outdoor activities, including water-skiing, parasailing and scuba-diving can be found along the beach and there is a sophisticated night life for those who like to stay up late.

Dental clinics in the area offer a full and comprehensive range of dental care, from full mouth rehabilitation to a simple dental filling. If you are looking at getting a filling done while you are there it’ll only set you back around $50, compared to $150 at home in the US.

Americans love to go to Mexico, with 35% of all outbound US travelers opting to visit – way more than the 6% that visited America’s second favorite destination. If you are looking to save on your dental care, then you would do well to consider booking it in Mexico the next time you go if you are one of the millions that visit the country.



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