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We spend months upon (seemingly endless) months preparing for baby’s arrival. The infant stage is so much fun and at the same time it is incredibly busy. So busy that we may not have the time to plan for the rapidly approaching toddler years. This is such an amazing period. Now we’re headed into toddlerhood and so much is changing. What they’ll wear, what they’re able to do, when they want to eat, snack, sleep, and play.

Plan New Activities

She’s beginning to interact more and more. She’ll love experiencing new places, people, and events. This is a great time to plan play-dates with other moms in your area. Don’t forget local children’s museums and libraries! They may have special activities, craft hours or story times specially designed for toddlers.

New activities don’t require leaving the house! Plan a few arts and crafts projects each month or introduce them to a new game each week. A couple favorites of ours are: whipped cream finger paints, and improvised water-play tables on the deck. They are in such an amazing age of development and quite often the simplest of activities can mean an afternoon of fun!

Try New Treats and Snacks

Help develop their interest in new tastes, flavors and snacks by allowing them new and fun snacks. We especially love snacks and treats that are healthy as well as tasty! We’re looking forward to incorporating Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink. Teaching them to choose nutritional snacks and drinks starts early – and we think this is a great first step! Create a yummy smoothie with it or simply mix with water for a healthy treat. We love that Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink helps to provide essential nutrients that toddlers need and the probiotics help to support digestive health.

Create a ToddlerSpace

Now that she is on the move, create a dedicated space where she can freely and safely play – igniting her curiosity and imagination. We love the inclusion of a reading corner with their favorite picture books and a comfy blanket, chair or pillow for them to rest on.

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  1. My toddler is very picky! I would love to find some more foods and drinks she would be interested in having! I’ll have to try this one out 🙂

  2. Kayla Sheehan Reply

    I always thought my little one would never be picky. He used to eat everything! But now he’s getting super picky and it makes things hard. Would love to win this, so thank you for the chance

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