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Launching your own business as a stay-at-home mom can be incredibly challenging when you consider all of the duties that have to be juggled to get the job done. Chances are your kid(s) keep you busy enough, so any precious time you have to devote to your business should be put to good use. Furthermore, heading in the wrong direction can feel like a huge setback because you don’t exactly have all the time in the world to go back and get on the right track. Thus, to avoid frustration and time wasted, it’s best to focus primarily on branding in the beginning. More specifically, here are four aspects of branding to tackle first.

1.      Create Local Awareness

Even if you have plans of going global and running a huge international company, initially, every small brand can benefit from building up a core following locally. After all, people in your community like your friends and family members are most likely to give your unknown brand a chance before complete strangers will, so it’s a good way to gain a head start in the form of positive reviews and testimonials. Using a free flyer creator and custom business cards maker to create local advertising material is a great way to get started on this aspect.

Try to infuse storytelling into you marketing or public relations campaigns to boost your awareness among your target audience. By collaborating with a business storytelling coach, you can get a good story that captures the audience’s attention and motivates them to engage with you and your brand.

2.      Start a YouTube Channel

Creating professional-looking videos and uploading them to YouTube is another way to get your brand taken seriously by the masses, especially if you can come up with a viral concept that earns massive views in a short time span. In the beginning, your channel will probably have very little traffic, but if you’re consistent and focus on publishing unique, well-produced content, building a subscriber base really is only a matter of time.

3.      Get Active on Facebook and Instagram

Every burgeoning brand should be highly active on all the social media sites, especially Facebook and Instagram. Such sites provide such incredible traffic and brand awareness potential that it would be foolish for any business to remain absent on these platforms. Of course, quality content and interesting posts are going to be necessary for optimal results, but even basic networking like following, messaging, and commenting is an acceptable way to get started.

4.      Invest in Your Logo and Slogan

Finally, many stay-at-home moms like to be artsy and creative with their businesses, so they wind up trying to create a logo and slogan from scratch with no external input or guidance. The result is usually a less-than-optimal brand appearance. Ultimately, it’s worthwhile to invest in a professional looking logo and slogan to create first impressions, so don’t hesitate to start a logo/slogan competition to outsource the inspiration if needed.

At the End of the Day, Professionalism Reigns Supreme

In closing, your goal as a mom operating a business from home should be to put out a brand image that doesn’t immediately scream, “This is a mom operating a business from home.” Instead, you want prospects and visitors to get the impression that this is a legitimate, established, and authoritative brand that’s worth doing business with, even if it is a well-respected home-based business. Your home may be in chaos, but your business should never be.


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