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Family pets are popular in almost every household in the United States, where they are famed for bringing love, entertainment, and companionship to their owners. If you have never had a pet before, you may be missing out on the joys that come with bringing a new addition into the family, which is why when the time comes, you should think carefully about what kind of pet you want in your home. There are pets you can choose from, ranging from fish to reptiles to furry friends, but what you should always bear in mind is whether you can see them becoming a part of your home. To help make your decision, there are some things you should always consider.

Listen to your kids

The main reason many parents choose to get a family pet is to give their children something amazing to spend their time with and grow together. They are also key to teaching your kids how to grieve through bad times. It means their choice is important when choosing the perfect pet, as it needs to suit the whole family’s preferences and needs. When you pose the idea of a pet to your kids, you should listen to the type of pet they want in your home. While they won’t be able to get the lion from the television, they may be able to connect with a kitten.

Think about the mess

You may think you are used to mess by having kids in your home, but pets bring with them a whole new kind of mess that it may be hard to keep on top of. If you lead a busy lifestyle, it may be worth opting for a tropical animal like a tortoise or reptile, so that the mess can be contained in one small space. If your heart is set on having a puppy or rabbit, you shouldn’t let the mess get in the way. In fact, there are always pet-friendly cleaners such as who can always help clean your home after any mess has occurred on your carpets.

Rule out any allergies

It could be that you or your family members suffer from some form of allergy, which could prohibit you from getting the pet of your dreams. Most allergies are caused by the dust held in the fur of animals, which means you could always choose to build your own aquarium filled with colorful fish or house an exotic reptile. There are even certain cats or dogs which may cost you more but don’t affect allergy sufferers as much. Having such interesting pets in your home will also fill your kids with joy after finding out they can’t have a furry friend.

Adopt, don’t buy

One of the most popular household pets is a dog, and while they are often the most perfect choice, there are many problems that come with buying one. If you are spending lots of money on a designer dog, you should note that they have been bred purely for how they look and may encounter more health problems in later life. Not only this, but many mixed-breed dogs and gentle breeds are left at dog shelters as a result. Do your bit to help and raise your kids in good faith by taking them to an adoption shelter to choose one they love.


Photo by sabina fratila on Unsplash


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