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When you have children, there are so many decisions you help them make, and when they get older, they have a lot more say over those decisions and as a parent that can be challenging. One such decision is the decision of furthering their education. As they approach the end of high school, this is one of the most important choices they’ll ever have to make and it can be extremely overwhelming for them. So what can you do as a loving and supportive parent to help them through such a huge decision that might have a huge impact on their future? Here are the 5 questions you should be discussing with your kids to help them figure out what they want for their academic future.

Should They Even Go to College At All

We’ve always been told that college is the safest option if you want your child to have a successful future, but the world has changed significantly. You don’t really need a college degree in order to build a good career that does more than pay the bills. In many fields, a person can learn with shorter online courses or actual industry experience. Fields like marketing and film are an example of the fact that you don’t need to go to school for 4 years to actually get jobs. If your child is planning on studying something like medicine or engineering then college is a great idea. However, in more of the creative space, there’s a lot more freedom. Not to mention, college is very expensive and many people find themselves still paying off the debts years later. So take the time to discuss with your child whether the best path to what they want to do is college.

International or Local?

There are so many options when it comes to the right college, and you don’t have to be limited to your local area for your child to get a good quality education. From film to medicine, many students have taken the option of studying abroad, and it has had some amazing results in terms of the experience they get, and even the cost of studies. From South Africa, to Europe and the Caribbean, your child can get a quality education for less and learn about a different culture at the same time. The Saint James School of Medicine in the Caribbean, for example, offers just that. According to, “students are offered the rare opportunity to study in Anguila and get a world-class education without going into debt and being plagued by student loans for the rest of their lives.”

How to Pay For It

Tertiary education costs a small fortune, and it’s not as simple as applying for a loan and getting a scholarship. There are millions of students who find themselves plagued with debts which carry them long into their working life, eating up any savings they might have and leaving them only with regret. This is why you really need to figure out the best way to finance your child’s education, whether you try and get them a scholarship, or a loan. If of course you have money saved up, you don’t have worry about all of this, but make sure you’ve decided this up front.

If They Should Take a Gap Year

Your child doesn’t have to go to college immediately after finishing high school. You can make the decision for your child to take a gap year and use that time to learn a lot more about themselves and figure out what they want to do next. They can use the time to travel, or even work and save up money towards living expenses when they do start college. It can actually be very beneficial to them and give them a life changing experience that can shape the rest of their lives and careers. When you’re considering options, don’t count this one out because it might be just what your child needs.

When it comes to taking the next step in maturity and growth, tertiary education is the natural evolution. When it’s time for our children to make the decision on what exactly that next step looks like, as parents it can be overwhelming and challenging to know exactly what to do and how to guide our kids. One thing that makes the process of deciding easier is asking a few questions so that you can have clarity and so that you help your kid make the right decision for them.

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