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Buying a designer handbag is every woman’s dream come true. Designer handbags have a reputation for being remarkably gorgeous, a fact that makes them ideal for highlighting your sense of style. Another feature of designer bags that makes them so popular is their durability and functionality. These bags last for long before beginning to lose their original color or starting to show signs of tear. Owning a designer handbag is however quite challenging given the high costs attached to them. There are however imitations that look identical to these products and are sold for significantly lower rates. Buying a replica is a great way of owning a luxury handbag without going out of your way to cater for the expenses. But why exactly are replica handbags so cheap? Hannah Handbags explains some of the reasons.

Cost of Design

Fashion houses invest massively on the design of their handbags. Before commencing the production of any line of products, they conduct prior research on how likely the handbag is to succeed in the market and how to tailor the design to meet the needs and expectations of customers. A team of designers are paid to come up with a design that not only meets the aesthetic expectations of customers, but their functional needs as well. These costs are often high, a fact that reflects on the price of the final product. Producers of replicas on the other hand do not have to go through this process. Since they are making an imitation of an already designed handbag, they do not spend any cash on developing a design or conducting market research. This as a result lowers the cost of production which plays a major role in determining the ultimate cost of a handbag.

Quality of Material

The durability of designer handbags is directly associated to the high quality of material used in the crafting of these bags. Reputable fashion houses spare no expenses in finding the finest quality material for producing their handbags. Aside from the durability of their products, the manufacturers of luxury handbags are also focused on the looks and feel of these bags. It goes without saying that high quality material cost a lot which as a result raises the cost of production of the handbags. This is not the same for replica handbags. Producers of replica handbags are known to go for low quality alternatives to cut on the costs of production. While some of the producers are also keen on the quality, they make a point of going for quality but cheap material. With the cost of production reduced, it follows that the bag will cost a lot less than the genuine one.

Target Market

Replica handbags are created for buyers who would love to own designer handbags without spending so much on it. Producers of replicas therefore take every measure to minimize the cost of producing them to ensure that the prices of the final products are acceptable to the potential buyers. To get buyers therefore, replica handbags just have to be so cheap.


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