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Many of us are night owls and begrudge waking up in the morning to get our day started. The bed is so comfortable and the prospect of getting up to head into work seems daunting. However, there are things that have to get done which means you need to find ways to get up and start your day. If you find yourself in this category then you may need to adjust your body clock.

Even if you don’t have to work early in the morning, rising when the sun does can offer various benefits. Let’s look at some ways that you can evolve from a night owl to a morning person.

Get Your Mind Ready for Sleep

The best way to become a morning person is to start preparing for sleep at a reasonable hour. This generally means restricting how much food you eat, how much caffeine your consume and how much time you spend in front of a screen in the evening. It can be a good idea to stop looking at screens an hour before you want to fall asleep.

During this time, you can read a book, take a bath or take other steps to turn your mind off. If necessary, you can take a sleep aid to help you relax and fall asleep earlier at night.

Gradually Adjust Your Sleep Schedule

It is rare that a person can adjust their sleep schedule in one night. Ideally, you will get yourself to wake up 30 minutes earlier than your did the day before, and you can do that until your reach your preferred wake time. It is also important to go to sleep 30 minutes earlier each night if possible to ensure that you’re still getting at least seven hours of rest each night.

Make Sure That Your Room Is Cool and Dark

It is usually easier to sleep in a cool room that is completely free of any light. You should make it a point to turn off your phone, computer or any other device before attempting to fall asleep. Unless you’re expecting an emergency call, be sure to keep your phone on silent to reduce the chances that your sleep is interrupted unnecessarily. For best results, your room should be about three to five degrees cooler at night than it is during the day.

Make Sure That You Have a Comfortable Mattress

A mattress that doesn’t offer enough support for your head, neck and spine could result in a lack of quality sleep. You could also wake up with a sore neck or back after spending hours contorted in an unnatural position. The type of mattress that you choose depends on whether you sleep better on a hard or soft surface. Memory foam mattresses may be ideal for those who want a mix of comfort and affordability.

Whether you’re forced to change your schedule or want to do so voluntarily, it can take time to learn how to wake up earlier in the day. However, adopting a schedule that better conforms to what your body wants may have benefits for both your mental and physical health. Therefore, it is important that you give yourself the best opportunity to implement the change successfully.



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