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How do you treat your pet? Do you treat it like your child or a best friend? Regardless of what it is, pets love you back as if you are their whole world. They always want to be close to you, to play with you, to snuggle with you, and to make you feel loved– this is why losing a pet is just as painful as losing an important person in your life. Sometimes, it might even be worse.

However, love doesn’t end with death. Your pet might be gone physically, but memories will always stay in your heart and mind. If you recently lost a pet, there are many beautiful ways to memorialize them that will make you feel like they are always by your side. Here are the top 5 ways to do that.

Painting or Drawing

If you have a memory with your pet that you want to cherish forever, it is best to make them last longer through a painting or a drawing. By getting a painting or drawing of your pet and displaying it in your room or near your pet’s favorite part of the house, you can memorialize them and make them feel close to you. It is best to get your favorite picture of them painted so you will constantly be reminded of a happy memory and what they used to look like during the good days.


One of the best ways of making your pet close to your heart is through a necklace. If you had your pet cremated, it is best to get a small amount of the ash to put inside capsule-like pendants or other cremation necklaces. On the other hand, you can also try a personalized memorial engraving and have your pet’s name or face engraved on the pendant. This way, you can bring your pet with you anywhere you go, and they will always remain close to your heart.

Dust to Diamonds

If you want a great way to memorialize your pet, some companies or laboratories can take the ashes of your pet and turn them into lab-grown diamonds. Then, after successfully making a diamond out of them, you can ask a jeweler to turn them into a beautiful piece of jewelry such as a necklace pendant or ring. The only downside to this is it might be costly.

Ashes to Tattoos

There are tattoo artists who can mix your pet’s ash with the ink that will be used for your tattoo. Then, you can ask for a tattoo of their paw or face– this is a beautiful way to memorialize your pet and make them a part of you forever.


If you can’t stand not seeing your pet physically, you can opt for taxidermy. Taxidermists can make your pet look as if nothing happened to them. They can look as if they were never gone. This way, you can still see and touch your pet. However, you must maintain them properly to make them last longer.

Losing a pet is really painful. It is like losing a child or a best friend. But, don’t worry, even if your pet is now happily playing in doggy heaven, there are still lots of ways to memorialize them and make them feel close to you.


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