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Nowadays, many people change their life approaches and get rid of unnecessary things to free up space around them. They try to adhere to the trend of reasonable consumption and reconsider the number of things they need daily. It is all about the philosophy, “Less is more” in all the life spheres, especially when it comes to clothes and interior design. How to understand whether you are a minimalism admirer or not? If you do not like rooms cluttered with furniture and clothes, the chances are high that you would like a minimalistic approach. Such a style suggests functionality and harmonious combinations of shades and materials. The main thing here is to pay attention to the style’s essence. If you are overwhelmed with assignments and come home only to sleep, you might need to reduce the “visual noise” in your apartment and read some online reviews to find a helper. While it is clear with the latter point, it is necessary to determine how you can make your design functional.

Organization of space and smart storage

The minimalism trends suggest “uncluttered space,” so you should get rid of all unnecessary or bulky items you don’t use. However, if you are afraid that you will feel the emptiness, you can use furniture to zone the space. Just don’t overdo it. Storage all your things in closets, so almost all surfaces are free and clean. Besides, designers suggest visualizing the room in the form of a grid and form vertical and horizontal lines with the help of color, interior items, and decor.

Minimalism does not tell you how to make the layout. So, you may have an apartment with a combined living room and kitchen, etc. In any case, to keep your space clean, you should think about storage areas. Ideally, of course, one should have a separate room for items that don’t fit the interior. But if the layout involves only cabinets, they need to be “dissolved” in the room. Do not put handles on the facades of storage systems. Your guests will not even understand that there is a cabinet in front of them since it looks more like a beautiful wall with a mirror or a textured wooden panel.


When it comes to minimalism, it is better to invest in classic but functional furniture in which every item is full-fledged by itself. For instance, you can pay attention to transformable and modular furniture. Bear in mind that it is not worth spending a fortune on hot trends. One of the main secrets is about the lines’ simplicity. Thus, you should avoid bends and details as much as possible. Instead, it is better to strive for neat geometric designs, but don’t overload the space with them too. Everything must be in moderation.

Natural materials

If you decide to follow the minimalism trend, you should use only natural textures. It is better to use concrete, stone, wood, metal, and glass in decoration. Nowadays, wood is one of the favorites, so they use it to create storage systems, wall fragments, and furniture. The wood grain is always a unique “ornament” that cannot get boring and add coziness and naturalness to the minimalist interior.

Rough metal legs of tables and chairs, along with surfaces made of untreated wood, create an interesting and cool combination. You can visit Pinterest to get a portion of inspiration. And if you don’t have much time because of assignments, read a custom writings review to  avoid a scan service and find a reliable one that can help clean your schedule. Indeed, if you want to create a comfortable design, you have to devote time to every repair stage.

Laconic design accents and textiles

If earlier minimalism was practically “sterile,” today the style has become cozy. Modern minimalism is not about total monochrome and the lack of accessories. Thus, fabrics are something you can “play” with to make your interior warm and homey. For example, if you take an armchair, a blanket, and pillows of the same color but made in different materials, you will add richness and comfort to the atmosphere’s simplicity. If you like patterns, a little geometry is a win-win option.

There should not be random things in the interior, so all the decor items should be carefully selected and unique. Make sure there is enough free space around each accessory, and it matches other items. And, although modern minimalism welcomes eclecticism, that is, the arrangement of things in different styles, they still should make a perfect match.

Designers recommend hanging large objects on the walls such as paintings or mirrors instead of small elements not to clutter the space. You can use coffee tables, vases, candles, and plants, but not all at once. Kitchenware is a special point. It can add a bright accent but avoid unnecessary prints and patterns.

Minimalism philosophy

You should follow the principle “everything requires a place and a reason.” Thus, it is useful to ask yourself questions from time to time, whatever you do. If you choose a writing service, ask yourself, ” Can I trust essayshark?” And if you select décor items, ask yourself, “What for do I need it?” Every detail should be of high quality, comfortable and interesting since the interior’s simplification increases the attention to details, and low-quality or impractical things will look awful.

Classic modern minimalism gravitates towards the industrial style. Nonetheless, you can choose how to make your simplicity, directing it into Scandinavian, rustic, boho, or other styles.



Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash


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