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Being an on-the-go mom requires the ability to skillfully multitask on an everyday basis. While the hustle and bustle of life can get pretty busy, that doesn’t mean as a mom your style needs to suffer. You can still dress comfy while being stylish when you’re on-the-go with the kids. Check out these five cute and functional outfits ideas that are perfect for anything that motherhood throws in your way.

1. Fashionable Athletic Wear

Active wear isn’t just for working out at the gym anymore. Fashionable active wear, known as “athleisure,” looks good not only during your workout, but also casually around town. It’s comfortable, shows off your curves and stylish for when you’re taking kids to practice or after school programs. Looking athletic can also make you feel athletic. Once you drop off the kids at school, you can easily go for a quick gym session. It’s the best of both worlds!

2. Classic T-Shirt with Jeans

There’s a reason why some outfits evolve into timeless classics. No matter the person, location or event, jeans and a classic tee should have a special place in your wardrobe. This particular outfit is one of the most versatile options to choose from, due to the amount of accessorizing options available. Throw on some shades, a hat, a watch or those new earrings and all of it will seamlessly flow together. T-shirts allow for a wide variety of color options while jeans go with just about every casual outfit arrangement. It’s also important to note that next to athletic wear, there’s nothing easier to choose from than your favorite t-shirt. Remember, the basics can speak just as loud in comparison to some bolder outfits.

3. Dress and Jean Jacket Combo

One of the best go-to outfits for moms is a cute dress with a denim jacket. It’s the perfect look for being out and about, and it’s also super comfortable and chic. Although you may be running around, you’ll love how you look and feel, and it won’t take long for you to get dressed in the morning! Style tip: You can wear your jacket or tie it around your waist – the option is yours!

4. Comfortable Shoes

A great shoe is important to a mom. It can make or break your outfit, and even your day. Taking your kids to the park isn’t fun when you’re shoes are giving you blisters. You want to be able to play and keep up with your kids all day. Invest in shoes that are comfortable and functional as well as stylish – like cute sandals, flats and sneakers.


5. A Mix and Match Wardrobe Collection

Having a wardrobe that you can easily mix and match is perfect for a mom on-the-go. Being able to mix up your ensemble increases your outfit options tenfold. You won’t have to struggle as much putting an outfit together while you’re trying to run out of the house. It all starts with finding a unique fashion brand that has numerous collections tailored to you. It’s best to find a brand that creatively provides your favorite traditional classic styles with modern fashion trends. Being a mom on-the-go is all about balance, and you can still be fashion-forward even with your kids in tow!




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