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Gym Buddies Help You Workout Harder—Here’s Why

Although some people enjoy working out solo and getting in the zone, bringing a friend along to a gym training session will truly provide countless benefits for both parties involved. A boost in morale, someone to rant over that difficult exercise with and an overall form of moral support are just some of the many advantages a gym buddy can provide.

1.      They keep you motivated.  

It can be hard to remain loyal to a gym plan, especially if it’s apart of a new health and wellness regimen that seems next to impossible to follow. Men and women who workout in pairs have boosted levels of motivation, since both people can confide in one another and share similar struggles and triumphs at the gym.

2.      They serve as friendly competition.

While too much of a competitive environment can be detrimental during a gym session, having a gym buddy to workout with will provide just the right amount of friendly competition. Even though both parties are at the gym to work on their own bodies, it’s healthy—and effective—to engage in competitive behavior, like small weight-lifting contests. Doing so means that both people will push themselves harder than they normally would if they were working out alone.

3.      You’ll have someone to try new workouts with.   

Figuring out how to use a foreign machine at the gym—or trying a new workout for the very first time—can be pretty intimidating. Bringing a partner along to the gym will make that process a little easier. Trying new things usually don’t seem as bad when you’re with a friend and having someone with you will make it that much easier to venture outside of your comfort zone.

4.      They keep you safe while working out.   

It’d be ideal to have an athletic trainer or physical therapy professional by your side during a session at the gym, to ensure that you are completing each workout properly. The next best alternative to this is a gym partner, who can spot you when necessary and correct your form, so that you can easily avoid any muscle strains, pulls or injuries.

5.      They make gym sessions more enjoyable.

As amazing as a gym session can feel, it’s no secret that sometimes working out is a less than pleasant experience. Having a gym buddy around means there is someone to keep your mind off of working out, someone to give you sympathy when you need it and someone to cheer you on as you finish that last repetition.

6.      You’ll feel more supported in your workout endeavors.

Having a workout buddy is like having your very own personal therapist. On the days that are harder to get out of bed and go workout at the gym, texting or calling a workout buddy for some encouraging words could be that extra boost of motivation of you needed to get you there.

7.      They will hold you accountable.

Skipping the gym three days in a row might seem okay if you have no one to tell—but that’s certainly not the case when you have a workout partner. Going to the gym on a consistent basis with a friend will make it more difficult to miss gym sessions, since someone else is relying on you to be there, too.

8.      You can learn new things from them.

Going to the gym alone can, unfortunately, can lead to stagnant workouts that rarely vary. Even though it is great to have go-to exercises and workout plans, having a gym buddy by your side is the best way to shake things up during a workout session. Both parties can teach each other new exercise techniques and workout moves while at the gym.

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