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In the U.S, an average painting business only employs a maximum of 2 workers. Therefore, homeowners need to know essential tips that they can apply when they are painting their rooms.

Painting a room efficiently is an art that anybody can learn if they develop interest. However, certain basics give a complimentary finish to the paintwork. Failure to which, you will waste time and resources in completing a simple task.

Do you want to be a prolific home painter? Keep reading to learn five essential tips that you should always remember when painting a room.

Do Thorough Prep Before Painting a Room

Many home painters don’t know that proper preparation is vital for efficient painting. When you paint over greasy and dirty walls, your work won’t last long. You should also seal any cracks and scrap off any foreign material from your workstation (wall).

Using a dry cloth, dust off the walls and apply painter tapes to crucial parts. You should always paint on a well-sanded wall portion; it saves time and energy.

Besides, ensure that you work in a dry environment. Avoid painting on a rainy day because it will make your work messy. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need to repaint because your work was destroyed by bad weather.

Note: If you are painting for the first time, always use slow-drying paints. It will help you to correct errors before applying the final coating. Moreover, wait for patching components that you have applied on wall cracks to dry before painting any color coat.

Always remember that paint doesn’t bind well with an irregular working surface. Therefore, make it your responsibility to do a thorough prep. We all love perfect wall paintings, but that can only be achieved if we do the necessary preparations before painting a room.

Use Primer

Don’t underestimate the power of applying a primer before painting your color coat. For paint to stick for a long time, it requires a flawless surface. Primers are used to cover flaws and establish a long-lasting finish.

Apply stand-alone primers when working on challenging surfaces like concrete, wood, plastered areas, and those that have glossy paint. The primers are designed to establish a fine surface before the application of first-time paint. It, therefore, makes painting easier and efficient.

Don’t be in a rush to finish painting your room without following the recommended guidelines and procedures. We all get excited when we are applying paint to our favorite rooms. However, don’t let emotions fool you into making rushed decisions.

If you want your painting to stand out, ensure that your priming looks great. Cover any cracks that may cause your paint to peel off after a short time. Make sure that you only use primers from reputable paint companies.

Also, be keen on the primer brush that you’re using for the room painting task. Don’t use cheap paint brushes to apply primer on your work surface. Else, you will be doing zero work, and your finish won’t be exciting and appealing.

Keep Your Paint Color Consistent

It is very common to come across walls with the same paint color yet not consistent. This problem arises when you buy paints in bits and thus end up making different mixes. As a result, the paint thickness and uniformity get compromised.

Therefore, ensure that you visit a painting expert who will enlighten you on how much paint is required. Afterwards, buy all the required paint at once and box it up in one carton. On your painting D-day, thoroughly mix and combine the paint in one large container.

The process of buying all paint at once and making one perfect mix is known as boxing up. It helps homeowners keep their paint color consistent from the beginning to the end. Besides, it enables you to cut costs that come with rushing to the shop severally to buy similar paints.

Note: It is advisable to stick to one paint manufacturer for your painting job. Different companies use different ways to make paints, therefore, their components might vary slightly. That’s why most painters complain of an inconsistent finish, yet they painted using different paints.

Start Painting from Top to Bottom

One common mistake that most people make is painting aimlessly. The final goal is clear; achieving a perfect finish. To achieve this, you should always paint from the ceiling downwards.

It allows you to identify any painting mistakes and work on them effectively. Also, cut the ceiling skirtings perfectly using a paint brush.

This technique gives homeowners much workspace. It’s a useful tool to ensure that your painting work isn’t messy. As a painter, your main aim is to deliver quality within the required time frame.

Consequently, study your painting surface and pick the central point. It makes works easier and enables you to paint your home efficiently. It as well reduces the chances of making unnecessary mistakes.

Cover Anything That You Shouldn’t Paint

Before you begin painting, protect your furniture, floor, and any other important equipment. Secure the doorknobs with painting tapes. You don’t want your paint to spoil essential household items that are worth a lot of money.

Also, remove outlet covers and light switches. If you find that difficult, use waterproof materials to cover them completely. It’s these simple tips that make your painting job easier and highly efficient.

Avoid making assumptions that your paint won’t touch critical household items. Protect any equipment that doesn’t need painting.

In most situations, homeowners engage in painting activities without using these crucial techniques. As a result, they end up wasting useful resources that should be channeled for other important events.

Get a Neat Paint Job

Painting a room requires a lot of patience for perfect results. You should be flexible and to get exemplary finished paint works.

Check out our blog to gain more insight into how you can become a better painter. We’ll give you perfect guidelines to help you with your next room painting task.



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