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The summer is in its full play so if you have never considered what shoe-wear you have, then you still have some time to hop in. The article below explains men-ish perspective of fashion for the summer, and particularly for men shoes. Make sure that for the summer you get these five types of shoes to stay comfortable and in trend all the time.

1. Sandals

Many men think that sandals are only for women, but according to the latest trends in the fashion industry, sandals have become more popular than ever. First of all, these shoes are open and breathable, which means that they save your feet from sweating and gaining unpleasant smell. Secondly, such shoes as Birkenstock sandals can be worn with both everyday and more or less official style, making them universal and comfortable must have for this summer.

2. Loafers

Loafers are more formal option for men obliged to dress up for work. Being classy, especially in the leather makes, loafers are still very breathy and comfortable to wear. They add some uniqueness and style to any even most casual look and at the same time they remain easy to match with any wardrobe, comfortable to wear, and cool for any occasion you have. Whether you wear short sleeve shirts and casual shorts or jackets and pants, loafers will perfectly complete your outfit.

3. Espadrilles

Espadrilles have been invented long ago and are frequently associated with Italian Riviera vacation in the 1960s. They have become very popular over the past decade and for a great reason. Espadrilles also go perfectly with both official and cauls styles of outfits, but the latter are considered to be more acceptable. In terms of comfort this shoes are great, because they are made of natural fabrics and let the feet breath lowering the sweating problems at the same time keeping warmth if needed.

4. Boat shoes

Boat shoes are leather shoes on rubber soles. They are ideal for men who do not like socks and always trying to remain trendy. Boat shoes go well with linen outfits and at the same time with evening casual looks for parties.

5. Classic sneakers

Sneakers can never be a bad choice, and especially with the trendy sneakers from Clarks or Nike. They can be a perfect combination of style and comfort for classic good looks and functional casual outfits. With no doubt, classic sneakers cannot compete with loafers in fanciness or level of classics, but they offer much more a lot more cushion. The greatest thing about wearing sneakers in summer is the absence of blisters so if you plan to make much walking during the day, choose classic sneakers for your outfit.

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