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Dharamshala is a beautiful place to visit. The locals are very welcoming to people and it attracts a nice bunch of people. Many artists will come here as well as musicians, yogis, and avid meditators. From the entire world, people come here to do their yoga teacher training. It is where the Dalai Lama calls home after running from Tibet. In fact, half of the residents here are Indian and the other, Tibetan. They have been here in peace for many years. That’s something you’ll experience here. Absolute peace which is one of the things that makes it such a great place to practice yoga. Here are a bunch of other reasons.

The Variety of Yoga Available

India in its own right is the birthplace of yoga. Hence, the reason people do yoga teacher training in India. There are many travelers that come to India to do soul searching or to honor their yoga practice. This is one of the reasons perhaps that there are now so many options for yoga. You will never see so many interesting variations of spiritual practices as you can in India. Dharamshala is one of the places where you will get a melting pot of disciplines that are associated with yoga.

On any given day, there is:

  • Ashtanga
  • Hatha
  • Sivananda
  • Tantra
  • Mantra
  • Yin
  • Iyengar

There are also more variations that incorporate methods that are known to heal. This might include crystal-healing bowls to open up your chakras.

Rich Experience

Not only will you get to do yoga but you will do it in a place that will feel so different to you. There is a certain energy in Dharamshala that will deepen your practice. When you speak to others, and especially teachers from India, you will learn more about yoga. Maybe more than you knew was possible. There are aspects of yoga that aren’t really taught in the West because,in many ways, it’s watered down. We aren’t as receptive to the spiritual part of yoga as the East is. They aren’t going to sugar-coat what yoga is about and all the important philosophies that surround it. It is these things that make yoga a deeper and more beneficial practice. The mindfulness, the calmness, the ability to balance and allow the body to release tension so you’re more flexible. When you understand the deeper meaning of any yoga practice, you gain a lot from it.

You’ll Pay Less Money

Although you are going to get some rich benefits from your practice, you won’t be paying a lot to do so. The classes are much less than they would be in places like Europe or North America. Accommodation is way cheaper and so is a meal. There are many yogis that come here and part of the 8 limbs of yoga is to give freely. This means you can even take advantage of some free classes offered by traveling yoga teachers. The schools and studios are way cheaper. You can afford to go to yoga every day.

Food Fit for a Yogi

As so many spiritual seekers come to Dharamshala, there is no shortage of divine food that coincides with a yoga class.There are many smoothies that include superfoods. They are light foods that give you energy but don’t weigh you down. This can leave you feeling amazing. You can learn all about Ayurveda here and how to feed yourself based on your body type. There are amazing restaurants that support your yoga practice. The food is excellent and comes from local growers.

You Experience Cultural India

Dharamshala is an ancient place with incredible things to see. There is a lot of Tibetan history here and of course the Dalai Lama’s personal monastery. There are incredible hikes you can take which will lead you to ruins. When you’re not taking in a yoga class, you can explore the beauty of the area and take in an incredible culture. There is a great history here. You’ll feel it.

Close to Nature

Yoga is something we love to do because it calms us. Many of the studios where you can do yoga in India will have shalas. This is sort of an outdoor space where you do yoga. It may just have a roof and a cement foundation. There is an open-air spaciousness that you get with yoga in India. It brings you close to nature. When you’re not doing yoga, you can go outdoors and just be in nature. In fact, you’re almost always outside. This is excellent for your soul. It is especially wonderful when you can do your practice virtually outdoors. The colors of the jungle, the sky, and the flowers touch your energy centers. It’s a lovely experience.

If you love yoga and you want to explore the depths of it, Dharamshala is a wonderful place to visit. There are many other things you can do which are all quite spiritual in their own right. You get a rich experience with teachings that are true. India is where yoga was born from and you will feel a core connection to the practice and to yourself. When you go home, you’ll have a greater sense of yoga. You may learn how to do some new poses. You may just have a greater understanding of your own mind, body, and soul. This can be a foundation to improve your practice.


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