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You see commercials about teeth whitening products and they do seem like a good idea. One question that comes to mind is how well they work. It’s true that over the counter products will produce results. The thing is, they don’t necessarily compare to the professional whitening treatments offered by a dentist. Here are a few signs that you should talk with a dental professional and arrange to have your teeth whitened under the care of an experienced dental team.

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You Drink a Lot of Coffee and Tea

A word with any Orillia Smile Centre dentist will confirm that many of the foods and beverages we consume have the potential to stain the teeth. Coffee and tea are two of the main culprits. Even if you brush after every meal, what you eat and drink will eventually cause the teeth to yellow. If you use tobacco products, the yellowing will occur that much faster.

Professional whitening treatments can undo the yellowing and restore the natural look of your teeth. When used along with a reasonable dental hygiene routine, your teeth will look great all the time.

You Tend to Smile With Your Mouth Closed

No one has to tell you that your teeth are stained. The fact that you only smile with your mouth closed or reach for a napkin every time you feel like laughing serves as proof. Wouldn’t it be nice to smile and laugh without wondering what people think of your teeth? After a series of professional whitening treatments, you can relax and smile all you like.

Reunion Time is Approaching

The invitation for a college reunion just arrived. In three months, you will be seeing people that you haven’t seen in a long time. Along with a new outfit and some time in a tanning bed, think about arranging teeth whitening treatments. A professional can monitor the progress and ensure you don’t end up with teeth that look a little too white.

You are Interviewing for a New Job

Preparing for a job that comes with better pay and more benefits involves looking your best. Take a good look at your teeth. Are they stained? If so, you need professional treatments. Doing so will improve your appearance and give you a little more confidence. That will make it easier to make the right impression and have an excellent chance of landing the job.

You are Meeting With an Important Client

While you’ve interacted with the client before, it was always on the phone or via a web conference. Your first face to face meeting is crucial, especially since the competition is seeking to secure the account. Pull out all the stops and be prepared. That includes making sure your teeth look their best. If you have an air of confidence, it will be easier to convince the client to remain part of the fold.

Talk with your dentist about whitening treatments today. You’ll find they are safe, produce results quickly, and will provide quite a few benefits.

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