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You are not looking forward to the last of your natural teeth being extracted. That’s because you think dentures are your only option. After some of the things you’ve seen friends and relatives go through with their denture plates, you wish there was an alternative. The good news is that you can opt for dental implants instead. Here are some of the ways that implants are a better choice than dentures.

They Don’t Make Your Gums Sore

Have you ever known a loved one who declined a party or dinner invitation because they needed a break from wearing dentures? The problem is very real, since the plates may be rubbing against the gums and making them sore. It’s not unusual for denture wearers to take a day now and then to allow the soreness to pass.

If you don’t like the idea of the soreness or the need to skip spending time with loved ones, consider going with implants instead. As with any type of invasive procedure, there will be some soreness for a day or two after the implants are in position. Once that’s over, you are highly unlikely to have any soreness again.

They Stay in Place

Perhaps you’ve been out with a friend when one or both denture plates slipped out of position. Even with the best adhesive, it can happen in the middle of a meal, while carrying on a conversation, or seemingly for no reason at all. While you applaud the way your loved one stopped, adjusted the plates, and then carried on as if nothing happened, you are not interested in going through the same experience.

If you choose dental implants, there are no worries about them slipping out of place. The implants are firmly embedded in the same space once occupied by your teeth. No adhesive is needed and it will take quite a bit of force to dislodge any of the implants. You can do whatever you like and rest assured they will stay where they belong.

They Look Natural

Dentures are sometimes referred to as false teeth. While some of them do look like the real thing, others are more obviously not natural. By contrast, the caps that are adhered to each implant do look exactly like real teeth. Every cap is designed to be the perfect size and shape. Once in place, it would be difficult to tell the difference between a real tooth and the capped implant.

They are Easier to Care For

Denture wearers have to develop a different routine that involves using adhesives, soaking dentures overnight, scrubbing the plates with recommended products, and taking care to not drop them on a hard surface.  They still have to use mouthwash and brush the tongue and the inside of the mouth to remove bacteria. All it all, it can take some time to get into the habit of doing everything necessary to take care of the plates.

With implants, you follow much of the same routine you did in the past. Brush after meals, have an annual checkup, and even have the implants cleaned once or twice a year. This simpler and more familiar routine is less time-consuming and certainly easier to manage.

Before you make any changes, do a quick Internet search using a phrase like “find dentist near me today” and make some calls. It won’t take long to find a professional who can help you arrange to get implants and enjoy all the benefits they provide.

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