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Technology for the home is getting smarter, making our lives easier than ever. With an abundance of cool gadgets that are becoming permanent fixtures in our homes and our lives, home technology is revolutionizing our day to day lives. These gadgets are not just fancy, they provide solutions to everyday problems, making our day to day run smoother, saving time, money and stress. Allowing you to spend more time with the family, playing and relaxing.

What Is Smart Home Technology?

SMART, stands for ‘Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology’. It is the term used to describe devices that utilize the Internet of Things (IoT), this is done by sensors, features and devices that interact with each other. These devices can then be controlled monitored and accessed remotely.

While there is an abundance of smart technologies on the market, installing these 5 smart technologies in the home, are a must, as they will make your home safer, easier and more energy-efficient.

Smart Home Assitant

To control the rest of your smart technologies, you might want to invest in a smart home assistant. A smart home assistant can control the homes appliances, from the heating to the lights, security and music. Essentially anything that is SMART technology can be integrated with the Smart Home Assistant.

On top of controlling the rest of your smart devices, your smart assistant has a variety of uses, it can read you the news, make calls and even help out with life admin, like making lists or scheduling appointments. Smart assistants can help you complete a multitude of tasks, helping you to run a smoother household.

Smart Security Systems

One of the most important smart technologies for the home is a security system to keep your family safe. Over the years security systems have become high tech with security and smart home automation working together to make a dependable advanced home security system.

Along with being proactive rather than reactive, smart security lets you connect a variety of mediums onto one platform, that means your locks, cameras and alarms connect on a single platform. If you are ready to turn your home into a smart home, have got you covered, they’re security system not only changes lives, it can help save them too.

Smart Lighting

Lighting at home has become convenient with the introduction of intelligent lighting systems. Gone are the days of wall switch lighting, as we enter a new era of smart lighting controlled by your smartphone or smart hub. Not only can you control the lighting in your house at the click of a button, but you can also access it remotely or schedule it, meaning you can always check the lights have been turned off, making sure you save power. This is not the only way that the LED lighting system is more eco-friendly, the bulbs themselves are energy saving to make sure you reduce your carbon footprint.

Smart Heating

Smart heating is a must for every household, as it can learn the household’s patterns, adjusting the heating and cooling accordingly. It learns when the house is occupied and when it is empty, reducing the heating and cooling for the periods when no one is home, helping you to save money and energy. Not only does the Smart Thermostat learnt to get the house to your optimal temperature, but it also has a digital reporting system to help you understand your energy usage. How it alters over the year and how you can make changes to lower your electricity usages.



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