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Getting a family dog can end up meaning nothing more than getting a pet that your kids can play with, but this is a mistake. By getting everyone on board you can teach your kids about responsibility, how to take care of others, empathy, and so much more. Not only that, but they will develop a closer bond when they actively take care of their dog along with you.

This can help kids improve their social skills and it can be wonderful for their mental health. None of your kids will benefit from these unless they take a more active role in their new dog’s life. To ensure that they take this active role, use these tips:

Bring Them with You to All Appointments

From getting the puppy to getting its vaccinations and everything else, your whole family should be there with you. If you start handling these sorts of jobs on your own, it will only continue into other areas of the dog’s care. You don’t want to be its only owner. You want your whole family involved which means taking your kids with you to vet visits, grooming visits, and so on, if they are younger. If they are older, you can divvy up who goes to what and when. Your teen can drive, and you can take turns on who takes your dog to the vet for its regular check-up, for example.

Share in Puppy Training Responsibilities

Puppy training can get very complicated for no reason, simply because everyone has their own way of training and a different set of priorities. Before you get the puppy, you should work out the ground rules that everyone needs to follow. If you really don’t want the dog up on the couch or bed, then everyone needs to stay strong and not bend the rules when you aren’t around. Inconsistent rules will only serve to confuse and frustrate your dog.

Divvy Up Caretaking

Make a system of caretaking that is easy to follow. Not only will this make it easier for everyone to care for your new puppy, but it can also make it easier to ensure that you aren’t accidentally overdoing it. Try to make it as consistent as possible and divide new responsibilities evenly.For example, if your dog has anxiety, you may want to look into the best CBD treats from However, you won’t want to keep feeding your dog CBD throughout the day and at inconsistent times. Work out a system so your dog gets the yummy, calming treat that it needs without overdoing it.

Ensure Each Person Has One-on-One Moments

When dividing caretaking duties it is important to give each and every member of your family one-on-one time. Some dogs will naturally gravitate towards the pack leader, or in this case, the person who takes the most care of them. By ensuring there is one-on-one time, and everyone has their own jobs to do, you can ensure that your new dog is the ‘family dog’, and that everyone enjoys the benefits of having a furry best friend.


Photo by Mia Anderson on Unsplash



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