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Even though the common joke is that women take ages to get ready because they “never have things to wear” despite their closets bursting with clothes, the fact is that this is only true for those girls who have plenty of time on their hands. However, that’s certainly something that can’t be said for busy moms.

In an ideal world, all moms should have enough time to get up, have breakfast, get a few sips of coffee and get ready for the day before waking up the little ones. But unfortunately, we’re not living in an ideal world. That’s why busy moms found a way to be efficient and practical yet still charming with their fashion choices. Here are a few examples.

Comfy cardigans

The main objective of any busy mom out there is to stay as comfortable as possible. The aesthetic appeal of their garments, unfortunately, usually comes second. But that’s where cardigans come into play. Unbelievably soft and cozy, they’re the perfect piece of clothes to throw on when the weather gets a bit chilly. If paired with the right accessories, cardigans can even look quite fashionable. For instance, for those born in June, this can be a dainty little necklace with a beautiful moonstone. Alternatively, a skinny belt and a soft infinity scarf can elevate both the look and the coziness of this outfit piece.

Terrific tunics

Frumpy sweatshirts, stained sweatpants and unwashed hair is thrown in a messy bun don’t need to be your daily fashion choice. Actually, you can keep the messy bun. But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of your style a bit. Instead of a frumpy sweatshirt, go for a stylish tunic. Tunics are quite versatile clothing pieces that come in so many styles, you’ll definitely be able to find something that matches your personal preferences. Paired with the right garments, tunics can look absolutely stunning.

Long leggings

Now that we’ve got tops sorted out, it’s time to move onto the bottoms. When bottoms are concerned it all really boils down to your own preferences. That said, mom jeans became a trend for a reason. Although undeniably gorgeous and trendy, nobody really talks about the fact that they’re not quite the most comfortable bottoms you could go for. So, instead of wearing a sturdy pair of jeans the whole day, opt for some comfy leggings instead. Nowadays, you can even find some amazing jeggings and trick everyone. The great thing about leggings is that they’re not only super cozy but they actually pair great with tunics and cardigans. So, they definitely do seem like a great choice.

Gorgeous gowns

Dresses really seem to be everyone’s favorite outfit piece and for a good reason. The fact that they provide you with the option to get fully dressed while wearing only a single piece of fabric is absolutely amazing. Long or short, t-shirt or skater styled, dresses are definitely a way to go, especially when it’s hot outside. This easy-breezy piece of clothing will enable you to always look gorgeous, without necessarily having to spend half of a day picking and choosing what to wear.

Sneaky sneakers or slides

In the end, every busy mom needs a pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes to support her throughout the day. While you may be tempted to try and pull off cute platforms or kitty heels, the fact is that they simply won’t do. What you should go for instead are a pair of comfy sneakers. For the warmer months, you can replace the sneakers with slides as this trend still seems to be going strong. Of course, avoid choosing stark white footwear, as moms usually can’t get away with having anything stay white for too long.

So, the next time you have very little time to get ready for the day ahead, keep some of these tips in mind. Some of the best outfits are the ones you can easily throw on and look absolutely amazing in, without sacrificing your comfort.



Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash


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