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Probably one of the greatest privileges of having a backyard is that you can host numerous fun and action-packed parties. No matter if you want to organize your kid’s birthday party or a simple fun-day-out gathering, camping in the backyard is always an exciting option. The sheer thrill of stepping out of the comfy house and stepping intent, surrounded by nature, freshly-cut grass, and purely your imagination, is every child’s dream. Preparation, on the other hand, demands a little bit of parents’ work, so here is all you need to know.

  • Send out “campy” invites

Even if campy does mean hilarious, make your invitations sound like a real deal, and let them be related to your camping party of course. Use green and brown paper, glue some of the flowers or leaves from your backyard, or draw some of your favorite forest animals like a squirrel or a bear. Make it sound welcoming and fun, and above all, mention that you are going to hang out at your campsite.

  • Have the right setting

The first that you need for an ultimate backyard party is a tent. You can rent one, or make an improvised DIY version. Besides the tent, teepee or a treehouse, make sure that you get some sleeping bags for your guests or an air mattress, flash-lights to set the mood and hang colorful lanterns or timid string LEDs lamps. For the parents who wish to stay around and wait for their kid, get some of these top-rated deck chairs for them to have a comfortable and beautiful experience in your backyard.

  • Spruce up the party with camping delights

The next best thing when preparing a backyard camping party is the food. Children absolutely adore sweet and savory treats, but to make things more spicy and interesting, try to make DIY camping themed party food and drinks. Think caramels sticks as matches, chocolate brownies with red and yellow icing like fire torches, chocolate-dipped popcorns as nutshells, and then, of course, real nuts, marshmallows, and fruit.

  • The ultimate décor

Make your backyard look and feel like a genuine camping site by incorporating some of these nifty tricks. Take some empty jars and place multicolored glow sticks to serve as cool night lamps. Let your little camper friends know where the party is by placing catchy and flabbergasting wooden signs all around the backyard. Place funky floor cushions on blankets, then hang a bedding sheet for the movie projection.

  • Let there be games!

Another unforgettable thing at any party, especially and outdoor camping one, are the games. Revive the atmosphere and boost up the camping enthusiasm by preparing some fun and engaging camping games. Transform your lawn into a Twister game by painting colorful circles on it. Next, set up an amusing camping scavenger hunt and place the clues all around your beautiful backyard. Other cool games are bear toss, fishing game, water guns fight, rock tick tack toe, tag, badminton, and a camping-themed bingo.

  • Tips & Tricks

Candles are a cool way to replace the bonfire, but it’s not advisable to lit it up around energetic kids. Instead, use a battery flashlight for a starlight effect and the dramatic storytelling in your tent. Also, make sure that everybody is safe, and get some bug and mosquito repellent. Don’t let annoying pests interrupt your backyard camping party and get some repellent in advance. Also, place a yoga mat under the sleeping bags for a more comfortable and warm feel.

To make your backyard camping party a real blast, all you need to do is follow the above-mentioned tips and you will surely prepare an utterly unforgettable event for your children.


Photo by Marissa Rodriguez on Unsplash


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