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Many students actually love to write different essays, believe it or not. It is a chance to state an opinion on something, express themselves and polish skills and knowledge. However, experts of Snappy Essays know that there is a hidden danger – the more you write, the bigger chances are that you will start repeating the same method of writing, especially if teachers like essays written according to it. Still, sky’s the limit of perfecting the essay writing, so here is our way to transform good writing to outstanding.

1. Do not brood on your papers only

Reading other people’s essays can be very helpful, moreover, it is advisable to read papers dedicated to various disciplines instead of sticking to your particular subject. It is a well-known fact that every discipline requires particular style or kind of argument, so you may take an advantage of variety of styles and adapt some of them for your writing.

While reading, contemplate, what are the merits and demerits of the papers? Are you persuaded by their argumentation? Pick up the best techniques!

2. Dilate your vocabulary

Remember about the limited work count in essays: good vocabulary allows expressing the thought more precisely in smaller number of words. It is an endless process of improvement, so never stop learning as it helps to voice an opinion efficiently. If you meet unknown words while reading books, always refer to a dictionary. Often check your papers for repeating words – if you meet some, use a thesaurus to find synonyms and replace them. Take into consideration that synonyms may still have certain verbal subtleties so choose them carefully. Set a goal of using certain amount of new words in a new essay. But! Avoid long sophisticated words if there is a possibility to use simple ones.

3. Do not repeat yourself

Linking words are crucial for smooth transition between paragraphs and development of the arguments. Do not use one word everywhere, vary the language and these words will be felt as a guideline on the road through the problem to its successful solution.

4. Boost the level of planning the paper

When you are about to start a new paper, create an elevator pitch for it to build a proper structure for the content. Give yourself some time to come up with the most compelling argument – the shortest possible summary why the reader should be interested in reading the paper.

5. Take into consideration what authorities say about the issue

Even when you write a paper on your point of view about something, it is necessary to mention opinions of scholars and original sources, without forgetting controversial points of view. But for all that, do not overfill the paper with quotes, it may create an impression that you are hiding behind others’ words.


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