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The modern responsibilities of having a child is both rewarding and draining. As any mother can attest, taking care of children and the home can be a full-time job and an anxiety-ridden burden. But it doesn’t have to be.

There are many ways for mothers to de-stress every day so that they can experience less anxiety and tension in their daily lives. More importantly, by removing stress from their lives daily, it is possible to prevent burnout and frustration that mothers may develop over time.

Here are five ways every mother can remove stress from their lives right now:

  1. Ask for help – many mothers have an impediment to asking for help, but it can make all the difference even if you only receive a small bit of support. Particularly useful would be asking your spouse or a friend to watch the children while you have a moment to yourself. For some reason mothers have developed this false notion that asking for help is imposing on others, it’s rude, or will be met with anger. None of this is true.
  2. Self-care – in their zeal to provide the best experience, education, and lifestyle for children, many mothers completely forget about their own self-care. This may mean something as simple as taking a warm bath, maybe doing a face mask or a host of other feminine things that can make one feel less stressed.
  3. Use natural remedies – certain situations could use natural herbs and plants in order to de-stress. Tea is a common way for women to de-stress using a natural option, but other options like lemon balm tea and kava kava root can make a big difference in stress levels as well.
  4. Set firm boundaries – having children is a compromise and a sacrifice as much as a blessing. When mothers compromise on their needs too often, it can be draining and stressful. Every mother should set firm boundaries about the things they will and will not tolerate and stick to them every day. This might be boundaries set with a spouse, kids, co-workers, or even a boss. Without this daily framework, stress is bound to be a problem.
  5. Create a sacred space or ritual – every mother should have a specific daily ritual or a sacred space in the home to do certain things. This might be as simple as having a morning ritual including meditation, gratitude, or something equally spiritual, but having that daily can help ground you and prepare for the day to come.


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