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Since the beginning of time, women and men have always wanted to look their best. Women have utilized an array of products, including makeup and perfume, to enhance their appearance and increase their allure. Over the next few years, very little will change in this aspect, but the market itself will grow exponentially. One thing that will change the beauty industry is the death of Philip Kinglsey. The hair care legend died on September the 3rd of this year. At the time of his death, Kingsley was 86-years-old. Over the years, Kingsley became known has an array of names, including the Hair Guru and even the Hair Doctor.

Although Kingsley will no longer be with the fashion industry, his products and techniques will live on forever. Meanwhile, a UK group, The Future Laboratory, had a long look at the potential future of the beauty industry. Their revelations and predictions for the future were startling. The group believes that nutricosmetic will become dominate within the smart beauty supplement sector within the next ten years or so. These products will give consumers the ability to look better, while living longer than ever before. And, the group insists supplements will be given based on the patient’s genetic codes. According to the group, topical products will be overtaken and will eventually become obscure.

The group also expects VR and AR to play a vital role in the beauty industry in the future. Who knows how that will play out? Another change, which is taking place in the present, is the launch and growth of beauty apps for mobile devices. In the past few years, various beauty companies have launched mobile applications for their products. The latest to do this was Monteloeder, which happens to be a Spanish biotech company. One of the group’s founders insists apps are the essential ingredient for today’s beauty supplements.

How does it work? By utilizing the app, consumers will be able to input their daily activities, such as the amount of sun exposure they receive each day, as well as their skin type. Once all of the necessary information has been added to the mobile app, users will be able to find beauty products, which match their specific specifications. They’ll be able to find eyelash extensions and beauty supplements that will work best for their individualistic lifestyle, skin type, and hair type. This will help to ensure that consumers receive the most effect from the beauty products that they purchase.

Beauty devices such as battery powered exfoliating brushes and portable facial steamers are expected to soar by 2022. These devices have accounted for more than $23,000 of the market. Hair removal devices are also a hot item and in 2015, dominated the global beauty devices market. Salon treatments were also accounted for, with the highest share of more than 55% during 2015, as well. The market’s trend upward is mainly contributed to developing countries improving economic status.

At the end of the day, a change is on the horizon for the beauty industry. Although it may take time to adjust to these changes, they’ll improve the market for the consumer, so they’ll be well worth it!


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