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Homeowners continually look for ways to save money. Luckily for you, there are many things you can do to lower your electricity bills. You’ll not only save money, you might even improve your overall quality of life.

Check for Leaks

Even if your home is adequately cooled and heated, some of that valuable air may be escaping, causing your HVAC unit to run longer and harder than it should. Meet with an HVAC professional to check your ductwork for leaks and have them repaired. In addition, get out the caulk gun and reseal your exterior windows. While you’re at it, check out any exterior doors for leaks and repair them with new flashing. You’ll save on energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

Add Insulation

It may seem like a huge task to reinsulate your house, but there ways to add insulation without ripping out the walls. Cellular blinds have pockets in them to trap air and insulate your home from heat and cold. Another excellent way to increase insulation is to choose an Energy Star-certified roof. These roofs reflect the sun and can be installed from below with foam or high R-value insulation. Further, you may even consider planting trees around your house to protect it from the sun and wind.

Change Your Lighting

LED lighting is widely available for nearly any fixture. LEDs are just as bright as normal bulbs but do not burn out as quickly. For each bulb you change, you can save $4.76 per year in estimated energy costs, according to Energy Star. Look specifically for Energy Star-certified LED bulbs that provide light omnidirectionally. They come in a variety of light colors from cool white to warm white.

Pick Energy Star

Whenever you replace an appliance, look for Energy Star-certified models. These products will save you a bundle on your electric bill and will perform with the same power and durability as non-certified models. One of the largest savings you can achieve is in switching to an efficient water heater. An Energy Star-certified electric water heater can save you about $300 a year.

Smarten Your Thermostat

Smart thermostats are the chic home upgrade right now and for good reason. Many of these have learning capabilities and will recommend the most energy-efficient temperature. They can also recognize when you’re out of the home and adjust the temperature to save energy. The best part is that as the thermostat learns your preferences, it creates a schedule to adjust the temperature automatically throughout the day.

With these suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to saving money. The best part is that these changes will improve the comfort and beauty of your home. Plan for the big changes for the future and tackle the small ones right away to start reaping the benefits of an energy-efficient home.


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