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Nowadays, you can shop for anything online. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to buy clothes, makeup and personal care products, appliances and electronic gadgets, furniture and home accessories, children’s toys—you name it, you can find an ecommerce shop that sells it.

This level of convenience has now extended to grocery shopping. You can now even browse and purchase a wide variety of products online, from fresh fruits and vegetables to cleaning implements, and have them delivered to you at home.

There are a lot of people currently enjoying the benefits of online grocery shopping in Mauritius and all over the world. Indeed, up to 70% of global consumers are expected to do their grocery shopping online by the year 2024. If you’re still a little hesitant and need a bit more convincing, here are a few reasons to give grocery home delivery a try.

You Can Shop Anywhere

This is one of the primary advantages of e-commerce: you can do your shopping wherever you are using your mobile phone or computer. It doesn’t matter if you’re at work, at your child’s school, or maybe at the doctor’s clinic waiting for your appointment. With just a few clicks, you can fill your online shopping cart, pay for your purchases, and have everything delivered to your home. Some grocery home delivery websites even allow you to choose a delivery schedule to ensure that you’re there to receive your groceries when they arrive. You can also order supplies like toilet paper and laundry detergent well in advance so that you don’t run out of stock.

You Can Save Time and Effort

One of the biggest problems of going to the grocery store? Finding a parking slot. This becomes even more troublesome during holidays and special occasions like Christmas. When you opt for grocery home delivery, you don’t have to deal with this problem anymore. What’s more, you don’t have to haul bag after bag of groceries into your car or lug around shopping bags if you’re taking public transportation. All the heavy-lifting (literally) will be done by the delivery service.

You Can Save a Lot of Money

If the grocery store has both an online and offline presence, online shoppers can often enjoy the same discounts as in-store shoppers. However, to encourage the use of their website or app, the store will often give additional or special discounts to those who choose to shop online. This means that you can save even more money and enjoy exclusive offers. On the other hand, if the shop is purely online, they can still maintain competitive prices. This is because online grocery stores don’t have the same overhead costs when compared with a traditional grocery store.

Moreover, in relation to the previous point, grocery home delivery services also allow you to save on gas money and parking fees. The amount might seem insignificant at first, but the savings can quickly add up especially when you make more frequent trips to the store.

There are No Lines and Crowds

Are you tired of falling in line at the check-out counter, especially during peak seasons? Then online grocery shopping and delivery is for you! You don’t have to fall in line to pay for your purchases, and you also don’t have to elbow your way through a crowd to get to the correct aisle. These conveniences can indeed further contribute to the time you save.

You’ll Get Fresh Goods

You might argue that it’s better to shop in-store to ensure that you get the freshest products. However, remember that online supermarkets have a reputation to protect. If they deliver low-quality items, their customers will complain and won’t use their service again. As such, it’s in these online supermarkets’ best interests to choose and deliver only the best-quality produce.

It’s Environment-Friendly

When you shop online, you don’t have to drive your car to the store. Thus, you can minimise your contribution to hazardous emissions that get released into the atmosphere. In addition, there are online supermarkets that also extend every effort to minimise their own carbon footprints. They use eco-friendly packaging like recycled paper bags and plastic crates instead of plastic bags to reduce the harmful impact to the environment. Supporting companies like these further help you contribute to protecting the environment

It’s Easy to Navigate

Online stores are easy to navigate. You can hop from section to section with just a few clicks and scrolls, instead of pushing your heavy, full-to-the-brim shopping cart from aisle to aisle. Even if you aren’t used to online grocery shopping, many websites’ layouts are quite intuitive. Moreover, the checkout process is usually easy to follow and comes with various payment options for ultimate convenience.

There are some people who prefer to go grocery shopping the traditional way. They like to see the goods in person, hand-picking the items they want to buy to ensure quality. There’s nothing wrong with this, obviously. However, with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s easy to see the benefits of online grocery shopping and ecommerce in general. Give it a try and experience these benefits for yourself. You might never go back to traditional grocery shopping once you’ve given grocery home delivery a go.



Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash



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