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Pressure washing, also called power washing, has been a common method of removing tough dirt and grime from hard surfaces for a considerable amount of time. It involves spraying water at incredibly high speeds, thereby creating enough pressure to remove stubborn dirt. The before-and-after images of power washed surfaces show results that are dramatically different from the original. This method is usually only used to clean hard surfaces that can withstand the pressure of the water; soft materials may tear or break. Since this method involves a lot more technique and expertise than can be perceived by a layman, there are several myths that revolve around this technology.

1. Power washing is a simple process

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. As mentioned before, pressure washing requires a lot more technical expertise than one would think. The equipment used in power washing is not easy to use, and since the water is flowing at an extremely high speed, the user needs to have the strength and knowledge to use it. Improper or clumsy usage of the hose could lead to unnecessary injury and expenses. Everything about a washer, right from the pressure of the water to the kind of nozzle, has to be decided on by an expert in the field.

2. All hard surfaces can be power washed

Power washing, as indicated in the name itself, involves a lot of power or pressure. There are several surfaces that are actually not conducive to this particular kind of cleaning. For instance, certain kinds of wood could get damaged by the pressure, or could absorb the water thereby destroying it in a completely different way. All surfaces must be checked before using power washers on them, to see if they are compatible with the process or not. Using the wrong kind of washer for a surface could potentially end up damaging it instead of cleaning.

3. Power washers use nothing but water

A specific kind of detergent is used with power washers which is powerful enough to remove tough stains from the surfaces it cleans. In very specific cases, washers use specific solvents with hot water to remove those stains that cannot be removed even with regular power washing. If it were true that high pressure water would be enough to remove stains then the rains would’ve been enough to keep our buildings looking clean, right?

4. Power washing is only necessary in extremely bad cases

There is no reason to wait for a building to have ten different layers of grime on it to choose to power wash. Even if there is one single hard stain in a surface, and it cannot be removed by regular washing, power washing can be used. The purpose of power washing isn’t to restore old or dirty buildings, it is to clean tough surfaces.

5. Power washing can be a DIY project

If a person has the knowledge and experience to know exactly which machine to use and how to use it efficiently enough to remove tough stains and not damage anything else, there is no reason not to go ahead. However, hiring someone is a better option not only because of the difficulty of the job, but it saves you time and energy as well. As a plus, some of the more reliable washing services tend to use environmentally friendly products with their machines, and they tend to know what goes best with something.

6. All power washers are the same, so the cheapest should be fine

Power washers are not all the same. There are several elements involved in power cleaning, and a lower price could influence some or all of these elements, thereby influencing the quality of the wash. Money is important, but if you want to get a good quality wash, it is best to spend a little. In the long run, it’s better to spend on cleaning now rather than on repairs later.


Power washing is a pretty complicated process, but when done right, it can do wonders for your property. When hiring a power washing service, make sure you research them thoroughly and look at customer reviews before selecting, and your power washing experience will go smoothly.


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