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When most people think about preparing to be a mom, the only consider starting planning from the moment they find out that they are pregnant and most of the advice you find online also starts after you have taken the positive pregnancy test.

However, once you become a mother, you never stop, and this means that your preparation for this new chapter in your life needs to begin way before you even start trying for children. You have to know about women’s fertility issues and check if you are experiencing any symptoms. It is also recommended to visit your ob-gyne to know if your body is fully ready for pregnancy. To help you out so that you can begin this long but beautiful journey to motherhood, this handy guide will give you three great ways to prepare for your new life.

Putting your health as a priority

If you are going to be carrying a child in the future, then your body needs to be in the best condition possible as this will be your child’s first home. The first and foremost thing you will need to deal with is any addiction problems you face, by getting help from a provider such as, who offer residential programs to get your life back on track and kick a habit for good.

Once you have sorted out this big issue, you can focus on simple things like eating more fruit and veg, alongside getting extra exercise to build your strength up for supporting this new life inside you.

Another way you can look after your health as you prepare to try for children is to take vitamin and fertility supplements to help improve your chances.

IMPORTANT: If you are on birth control, be sure to book an appointment with your doctor about how to come off it (if you take the pill) or remove your birth control (if you have an implant or IUD) in a safe way that avoids any side effects.

But remember, if the belly is already big enough, it’s worth using the pregnancy belly band during exertion to avoid pain in the lower back and pressure on the spine during pregnancy.

Sorting out the money

A huge thing that you need to consider when you decide you want to have children is that you have to be financially able to support a young child for a minimum of eighteen years, if not longer. To give your self a head start, you need to put a plan in place for sorting out your finances as soon as possible.

  • Open a new bank account to cover the costs of raising a child and to use in emergencies
  • Open a second bank account and add a little bit each payday to give your child when they turn eighteen as a nest egg to set them up

Be prepared

The last thing you should think about is the essentials you need in those first few hectic, sleepless months of being a parent. To make it easy, here is a simple checklist to use:

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Diaper bags
  • Plastic baby tub (for washing)
  • Hooded towel
  • Antibacterial cream
  • Breast pump
  • Milk storage bag
  • Stroller
  • Baby carrier or sling

These are just a few of the things you should think about getting but a good idea is to do lots of research, make a big list, and save up for every item so that you are prepared for anything.


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