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If you are an expecting mother or simply want to find more ways to bond with your baby, you are not alone.

Every mother desires to have a close and intimate relationship with the baby they brought into the world.

It is important that mothers spend a good amount of time bonding with their baby since it is key to developing a healthy and intimate relationship with them.

1. Skin To Skin Contact With Baby

Skin to skin contact has numerous benefits for both mother and baby.

  • When a mother holds her baby skin to skin, her oxytocin levels increase which help in replenishing pre-pregnancy hormones in her body. It also reduces her blood pressure which in turn can relieve stress.
  • Skin to skin can boost a mother’s prolactin hormone levels which help in maintaining a good milk supply during breastfeeding.
  • It improves emotional and social development of the baby since he will be stimulated to move to the mother’s breast. The baby’s eyes will be open to gaze upon the mother during skin to skin.
  • The baby’s brain will take in information about the mother’s smell and movements.

You can perform skin to skin immediately after birth.

Ask the nurse or birth attendant to put the baby on your bare chest immediately after birth if there are no complications.

You can ask them to delay certain procedures like cord cutting and giving Vitamin K shots.

Your newborn will be able to fall asleep faster and go into a deep sleep.

2. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to bond both physically and emotionally with your baby.

The first few weeks of breastfeeding are a special time for both mother and baby, so make sure you cherish every moment of it.

Breastfeeding not only fulfills psychological needs like warmth, comfort and nourishment but also helps strengthen the bond between mother and baby.

The skin to skin contact which happens after birth gives the baby a desire to suck the mother’s breast. It also regulates temperature, breathing and heart rate.

The calming hormones passed between the mother and baby during breastfeeding soothes and helps the baby to sleep better.

The baby will start recognizing the mother’s scent and touch since he is in close proximity.

You can find more information about breastfeeding including hacks and tips on MOM News Daily. There are plenty of resources for first time moms including information about pregnancy, childcare and health.

3. Massaging Your Baby

Massaging your baby can help improve motherly bonding especially since there is a lot of stroking, touching and gazing involved.

It can help ease your baby’s tummy issues, teething pains, release stress and soothe him or her to sleep.

You can gently massage your baby in a number of different ways.

One way is to massage the top of your baby’s thighs all the way down to the ankles. Stroke your baby’s toes and try uncurling them gently.

Another way is to massage the top of your baby’s chest all the way down to the bottom of the belly.

4. Verbal Communication

Babies use facial expressions, sounds and gestures to express their feelings and needs.

It is important to respond to your baby and make him or her familiar with the sound of your voice. Communicating can make your baby feel understood and loved.

Talk to your baby and have conversations with him or her.

You can even try reading and singing to your baby.

5. Moving And Rocking

Rocking helps soothe and comfort your baby.

Babies love the rhythmic sensation and it helps in easing them into sleep mode.

Rocking your baby while singing a soft lullaby is a great way to bond with your baby intimately.

6. Wearing Your Baby

Baby wearing is a great way to be in touch with your baby when you have to finish certain tasks around the house.

You can wear your baby on a sling or carrier which will free up your hands.

Babies also love it when you wear them because they can feel your movements and heartbeat which helps them to relax.


Let’s be honest here, babies only remain small for so long! So stop stressing about the piled up dishes or unwashed laundry and go spend some time with your baby.


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