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Have you moved into a new house and it doesn’t feel like, well, home? Does the home you have lived in for decades need a major overhaul? Do you plan to move within the next year and you want to maximize the value of your humble abode?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions or you have another reason for refurbishing your house, we present seven design tips that will make you house a home. One of the tips includes several ways to optimize the appearance of your furniture in any room inside your house.

Let There Be Light

That big, fiery ball in the sky is much more than a solar conduit to a tan. It also is a vital element of any home interior décor plan. The most effective way to optimize both natural and artificial light inside a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room involves hanging mirrors in strategic locations that reflect both sources of light. You can go with standard plain glass mirrors or up the design notch by a bit installing decorative mirrors that enhance the appearance of any room in your house.

Make Small Rooms Feel Large

A smaller than average living room looks cramped, especially if you place too many pieces of furniture in the room. By changing the paint color on the walls to a lighter shade, you open up what was once considered too small of a space to entertain guests. By working with the mirrors you have already installed, a lighter colored living room or any other space inside your home will present a more inviting ambiance.

Go Casual with Wicker

Homeowners that have multiple rooms in which to entertain guests can use one of the rooms to present a casual ambiance. As one of the more effective strategies for generating a casual ambiance, wicker furniture will make your guests feel like your home is their home. You can also place wicker baskets in the more formal living room to add a casual touch for entertaining friends and relatives. Wicker baskets in the kitchen provide you with a stylish place to store fruits and vegetables.

Shake it Up

Sometimes, the best way to make your house a home is to mix it up a bit with design elements. For example, you can go with more than one type of texture for the shades, as well as apply different paint colors for the ceiling and the walls. For example, painting your living room kelly green with an aqua ceiling will make the room appear more vibrant and cheerful. Place a cherished family heirloom that you have kept stored in the attic for years next to a couch that exudes a trailblazing design. You can also focus on arranging expensive furniture around an affordable antique chair or couch to balance the urbane appearance of any room.

Take the Hard Out of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are popular because of the rustic ambiance conveyed by an all-natural wood floor surface. However, hardwood floors can convey an austere ambiance that does not represent your interior design intention. Placing several throw rugs over sections of your hardwood floor will soften the appearance of the wooden floor surface to produce a warmer and more welcoming ambiance. You should consider changing out area rugs each season to reflect the mood of each season. For example, placing orange area rugs depicting scenes of leaves falling represents the ideal design for an autumn theme.

Keep Furniture Design Relevant

If you are a fan of Everybody Loves Raymond, you probably remember the classic episode when Marie finally takes the slip cover off the living room couch. What’s not so funny is the stale look a piece of furniture gets when it sits too long in a room. A slip cover does much more than prevent spills from diminishing the quality of a couch or a sofa. It also changes the way one or more pieces of furniture look in a high traffic area of your home. A whiter slip cover presents a comfortable appearance, while a floral slip cover generates plenty of energy for a sofa located in the living room.

Optimize the Appearance of Your Furniture

One of the keys to enhancing the design of a home is to follow the axiom that everything works better in pairs. That is certainly the case for furniture, as two pieces of the same style of furniture is much more visually appealing that one piece of the same style of furniture. Place two side chairs at opposite ends of a long couch or install two sets of wall lights located the same distance away from a coffee table.

Another tried and true furniture design strategy does not require you to invest any money in a room design makeover. By rearranging furniture, you can completely change the ambiance of any room inside your home. Move the easy chair away from the coffee table or reposition the sofa next to a freshly painted, light-colored wall. Rearranging your furniture is a trial and error process, so make sure you have plenty of time to set up different furniture arrangements.

Here are some other ides to enhance the appearance of your furniture:

  • Use highlighted accents to brighten furniture design colors
  • Add a large piece of furniture in a small room to become the design element focus
  • Create several areas in the living room for guests to hold multiple conversations
  • Place several smaller tables in a room to replace a large table
  • Add furniture pieces that make a room serve more than one purpose

The last point is perhaps the best solution for making your house a home. Think about the den where you get away from it all. You can broaden the use of the den by adding a few chairs and a smaller entertainment system. When guests arrive for the big game, you have an additional area to entertain guests that want to watch something else on television.

If you get one thing out of seven design tips that will make your house a home, it should be the mantra that variety is the spice of life. Take a look at your home design once a year to decide if it needs a makeover.

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