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A Helpful Guide on How to Prepare for the Skype Interview

Are you about to have a Skype interview with a potential employer? This simple step-by-step guide will help you to prepare for the online interview and show your best.

Due to a growing number of distant jobs and the fast rhythm of modern life, a lot of recruiters choose Skype interviews. No wonder! You still get face-to-face communication without the need to spend time on the road. While online interviews become common, the art of a formal Skype communication only starts to develop. Like phone interviews and real-life appointments, Skype meetings have their peculiarities and demand preparation. Use this guide for Skype interviews to make your online session with a recruiter perfect.

1. Prepare your Profile

Once you find out about the future Skype interview, take a look at your profile. Make sure that your username is appropriate and does not include any silly nicknames. Your profile photo and status should not be too casual as well. Funny names and user pictures may send the wrong message to the recruiter. After taking care of personal information, add your interviewer to the contact list. Check the settings and notifications to make sure you can receive calls without any issues. These details may seem trivial, but they can cause some inconveniences on the day of the interview.

2. Test the Equipment

The next step is to test your equipment. It is better to choose a laptop or tablet for Skype interviews. Your smartphone will not create the same image. Use headphones to avoid any undesirable noises and improve sound quality. A stable internet connection is crucial. Test the speed of your Internet and make sure there are no maintenance works on the day of the interview. Check if your camera is ready for video calls. It might be necessary to update the flash player or change the Skype settings.

3. Write the Notes

One of the advantages of Skype interview is that an interlocutor does not see everything. Thus, you may write some notes about your career and place them on a computer screen. It does not mean that you can just read every word from the paper. It will be noticed immediately. However, the scheme of the answers and some important facts about the company located in front of your eyes will make your speech much more confident.

4. Think Through Your Outfit

Although the interview is held from your home, it is still a business meeting, and your look should be appropriate. Choose the outfit you would wear for an interview in the office. Even if the interviewer sees only the part of you, create the whole look. You never know what may happen. The outfits may look different on the camera. Remember that the watches or jewelry may create blinks or distract.

5. Create an Atmosphere

Although it is always possible to find more job options on, try to take all the online interviews seriously and prepare for them. Make sure you have an appropriate background. Any mess, posters, or personal belongings might distract the interlocutor. There should be enough light in the room to make the image clear. Inform your roommates about your plans to avoid interruption. If you have pets, it is better to have them in another room during the interview.

6. Keep Eye Contact

Body language, smiling, and eye contact is often forgotten during the interviews. Place the camera at eye level and do not sit too close to it. Thus, you will keep a good posture, and the interviewer will not have to look at a huge image of your head. Try to smile and look at the camera. It will create an effect of face-to-face conversation. You may take a look at your notes or at your image on the screen a few times. However, most of the time, try to keep the virtual eye-contact with the interviewer.

7. Make a Test Call

A test call would be great practice before the real interview. Ask your friend or relative, to call you an hour before the session. It will allow you to practice your answers, check the audio quality, and get helpful feedback. You might not notice some important details like touching your hair all the time or using too much hand gestures. A test call would help you to get rid of any small imperfections.

After following these steps, you will be ready to show your best at any Skype interview. The interviewer will surely notice and appreciate your preparation.


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