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You’ve given gifts to your children all their lives, but finding a milestone-worthy gift is different. You want to give them a gift that they will never forget.

Here are suggestions for 7 gifts to give your graduate that will last a lifetime.

1.      Take Them to a Show

If you and your grad love music, what could be more thrilling for them than to see one of their favorite bands in concert? Even if you differ in musical tastes, what a great way to share a memory with them that will last a lifetime!

Or maybe your child has never been to a major play. Theater play tickets are not usually inexpensive, but if you can swing it, this is a gift that is definitely “lifetime-worthy!”

2.      Buy Them a New Computer

Many young people love to use computers, and they may not be able to afford one. You may want to find out secretly if they would prefer a PC or a laptop or some other device to make your purchase make sense for them.

3.      Buy Them a Car

If money is no object, then your choices are wide open. But some children might be okay with a good-running used vehicle. Whatever your budget is, a graduation gift like this sure will stay in their memory, maybe even for a lifetime.

4.      Give Them a Family Heirloom

You may want to gift something your son can pass down. His graduation is the perfect time to get him this.An heirloom is definitely an unforgettable gift.

5.      Take Them on a Trip (or pay their way)

Find out if there’s a destination that your grad has always wanted to go, but either couldn’t afford it or circumstances never permitted them to go. Taking them there or paying for them to go most definitely will draw their gratitude for years to come.

6.      Buy Them Jewelry

They say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but jewelry lovers come in both male and female varieties. If this is something true of your graduate, finances permitting, it may be worth a lifetime of memories.

7.      Give Them Something Dear to You…Even Wisdom

Do you have a musical instrument, a special tool, an antique book or maybe a souvenir from a special destination you traveled to.

You could also pass on some wisdom that was either handed down to you traditionally, or that you picked up personally. Wisdom passed on from a parent has often been described as one of the greatest gifts given to those who received it.

Finding a graduation gift can be a challenge, even if it’s for your child. But whether it requires money or not, we hope you can use one of these suggestions to give your graduate a gift to last a lifetime!


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