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There is nothing you cannot buy if you have enough time and money to spend. Imagine being able to spend money on everything you ever wanted and still be left with enough for things you don’t even need! While the materialistic approach may not guarantee happiness, a higher standard of living is essential for a happy life. However, you can elevate the standard of living not by spending money, but by investing it.

By making the right investment decisions, you can live a lifestyle people will envy. Here are some lavish investments to make if you want to live like a VIP for the rest of your life.

1. Buy a Summerhouse!

Part of the magic of becoming a VIP and living extravagantly is acquiring a summerhouse to escape to during the summer season. You can fly off to another country whenever you feel the need to relax. Renting out the property will also bring in some extra money (incoming cash sounds tempting even if you have an endless supply in your bank account!). You can decorate it as you like, leave your clothes and toys lying around and use the property whenever you want.

2. Rent a Luxury Airliner

Being a VIP means being free to travel anywhere at any time. To facilitate this need for adventure, have the service of a luxury airliner at your disposal. As you will have no limitations on the type or size of luxury VIP airliners you can choose from, going for the one that offers the best amenities and features will unquestionably be your choice. It is not only a wonderful means of transportation, but you get access to unlimited privacy, reasonable prices and a number of amenities that you won’t get in any commercial airline.

If chartering a VIP airliner appeals to you, you could start by looking at the deals available for renting a luxury airliner through this luxury jet company. This is because they offer the most competitive private jet charter prices and hourly rates in the industry. Even though they have such great deals for their services, the quality is still high, and they are exceptionally committed to safety and the reliability of the aircraft whilst ensuring their prices represent quality at the best of prices.

3. Buy a Fleet of Cars or a Limo

Cars are the best way to display your wealth and come off as a successful person. Investing in breath-taking unique models and acquiring a fleet that will be the envy of everyone is a sure sign to achieve the status of a VIP. If you don’t feel like buying too many cars, just get a Limo, and hire a chauffeur for an unforgettable ride.

4. Buy a Ski Condo

Just as you will want to own a summerhouse, owning a ski condo to visit every weekend or during winter vacation should become a significant part of your routine if you want to live like a VIP. Owning a ski condo is something only a few people can afford and having one of your own will considerably elevate your status.

5. Buy a House-ranch for your Horses

If you dream of owning your own stable or perhaps just owning a place where you can keep your horses in the backyard, a house-ranch for your horses is the answer to your dreams. Owning a whole range of horses is of course a given when it comes to the VIP lifestyle. Knowing the right breed to buy and add to your range is as important as the place where you keep the horses. Having the money to spend lavishly entitles your horse family to a luxurious life as well! Buy a special customized house-ranch to upgrade your horses’ living standard as well.

6. Build Indoor and Outdoor Pools

Having more than one pool becomes more of a requirement than a wish when you are able to spend all the money you want without having to cut any corners. An outdoor pool will be fun for as long as the weather favors you, but what about when the rainy season is upon you and you feel like diving into a pool of warm gently swirling water? Which is why VIPs prefer having both outdoor and indoor pools. By building your own pools you have the opportunity to really personalize them by having color changing lights, moving floors, fountain jets, steam and salt rooms, a spa, gym and the list goes on with the multiple features you can add to beautify it.

7. Have an Exquisite Wine Cellar

Collecting wines and displaying them in your cellar will bring a whole new level of lavishness to your lifestyle. Procuring and adding rare wines will make your collection surface to the list of most exquisite wine cellars. A stunning wine cellar can be the top highlight of your house to give it an effortlessly chic look. Building a beautiful wine cellar isn’t just about aesthetics – it is for pleasure.

You may be a VIP with plenty of money to spend, but you still should be careful about where you put that money and what you get out of it!


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