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When most people go online to look for information about Thailand, two sites seem to pop up consistently. Most travelers who go to Thailand focus on two main places, i.e., Bangkok and Chiang Mai. According to most people who visited Chiang Mai, it captured a special place in their heart. If you want to learn more about this amazing city, Online Assignment Help offers some helpful tips and information.

Some of the reasons why you should visit Chiang Mai include:

Before you head out, don’t forget to check the Thailand pass system to make your trip a smooth one.

  1. It is a Laid-Back City

In spite of having a population of fewer than one million people, Chiang Mai maintains certain unique qualities. For starters, unlike Bangkok, it has a more laid-back atmosphere free of smog and chaos, in addition to having a relaxed and relatively quiet vibe. Surrounded by a moat, this historic city is a pleasure to explore.

  1. The Weather

Its higher altitude and northern location make it a pleasant city to visit all year round. However, if you plan to explore the city using a bicycle or motorbike after dark, bring a light cardigan or jacket.

  1. Cultural and Historical Treasures

Unlike the huge urban jungle known as Bangkok, Chiang Mai has a rich cultural and traditional heritage. In spite of the rapid development in the region, Chiang Mai still maintains its Thai roots.

  1. The Coffee

Few things feel better than the perfect cup of coffee. Many self-confessed coffee connoisseurs are deeply in love with Chiang Mai. It is impossible to walk for more than one city block without coming across a great coffee shop.

  1. Amazing Day Trips

Take a day trip to the Doi Inthanon National park and enjoy whitewater rafting, rock climbing, elephant bathing, and much more. You will also enjoy some of the most memorable jungle terrain, mountain scenery, and interesting people as you explore this great place.

  1. Great Spas

If you want to experience the perfect Thai massage, visit the city of Chiang Mai. Nothing feels better than a Thai massage after a long day of exploration.

  1. The Temples

With an incredible religious tradition and more than 300 temples scattered around the city, Chiang Mai is one of the world’s premier temple cities. You will find Monks who will explain their religious principles and customs as well.

Other reasons why you should visit Chiang Mai include the great Thai cuisine, people, affordability, activities, history, shopping, weather, wildlife, and much more. Many travel agencies offer complete packages for Chiang Mai, from sightseeing, accommodation, and food, to awesome intercity travels.


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