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Opting for a custom embroidery as a way to brand your shirt is a good decision that you will not regret. Embroidery creates an indelible impression on the cloth, which cannot be affected by washing, ironing, or sun-drying. It is no wonder why many individuals, lovers, and business enterprises opt for custom embroidery as their choicest cloth printing and design option.  You can embroider a t-shirt, casual or professional wears. Now that you have decided to try out the monogram embroidery option, how do you get the perfect embroidery? Here are 7 simple and practical things to do.

Choose your preferred material:

The first step to getting what you want is to decide what you really want to embroider on -shirt, pants or cap. Is the clothing corporate or casual? What purpose will the clothe serve? If you feel pretty confident about the material you want to embroider and its purpose, you can move ahead to the next step.

Select what you want embroidered on the clothing:

The next thing to decide is what would fit the cloth you have chosen? Will a logo do justice to the cloth material and its intended purpose or would a text do it better? Logos and brand names can go well for clothes that are intended to serve professional purposes. For casual wears and lovers’ choice, alluring texts with nice fonts are okay. If you are not sure about the outcome of the embroidery design on your clothes, you can ask for the professional opinion of your designer or tailor.

Forward quality images:

The output quality will be dependent on the quality of your logo image. When submitting a logo image, be sure to forward a quality image with good resolution and size to your designer. Also, make sure they are in a good format before submission. Avoid sharing images through media-sharing platforms that diminish quality and alter resolutions.

Pick your Design size:

An embroider will need to know what size you want your logo or text to be on the overall clothing. Size determines the quality of the design on the output. Also, sometimes, definite sizes do justice to a piece of cloth. It may only need to cover a specific area. You can ask for size trends from your designer.

Digitizing and review:

After all have been selected, a digitizer generates a universal embroidery format from the logo or text that you have submitted. You can preview the digital copy to tell them if it looks great or requires revisions. However, there are limitations to the number of revisions you can do, depending on your designer.

The embroidery:

The embroidery process begins from here and the many-needle machine begins its sixth wonder of embroidery and design on your clothing! The digitized design is recreated on your cloth and all you need to do is wait.

Getting your Product:

Patience is needed for the whole embroidery process to have its course and for your exact request. Depending on your arrangement with your designer, your product should reach you in a few days.


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