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Like so many mothers, you might be thinking about running a home-based business so that you can stay at home with the kids. While you had toyed with the idea of going back to work, it was more important during the developmental years to be there with the little ones. Unfortunately, your family needs that second income to keep bills paid and perhaps a little left over to spend on treats for the kids. So, running a home-based business seems like the perfect solution.

At this point, you may be wondering what kinds of insurance cover you will need. Once you have registered your business you will be required, by law, to carry certain kinds of cover, especially if you have other people working with you. When it comes to running a business in Australia, you might think you don’t need family health insurance because you have Medicare. In all honesty, there really are a few reasons why you might want to carry this extra insurance you aren’t specifically required to carry but there may be times you wished you had!

Lost Time Is Lost Income

Even though you aren’t required to carry health insurance above and beyond Medicare in Australia, it’s good to remember that there may be services which aren’t covered under that plan. Bear in mind that healthy workers are on the job every day and sometimes health issues which aren’t covered under Medicare keep them out of work. Can you afford to miss days because you have problems Medicare doesn’t cover? There is no sick pay because you are self-employed!

For example, chiropractors and physical therapists might be necessary to relieve pain that is preventing you from working. Will Australia’s Medicarecover those two medical services? Although you are not required to carry family health insurance, the surest way to keep yourself and any employees healthy is to carry that extra cover so often needed.

A Little Something Extra to Attract Talent

While you may not have the financial ability to compete with some of the bigger businesses in your area, there are some amazing perks you can offer to attract the top talent to your fledgling startup. Remember that many professionals choose employers largely on benefits packages they are offered, and family health insurance is a big attraction.

Whether you are seeking other mothers who, like yourself, are interested in jobs they can do around family schedules or are seeking business professionals to help grow your new home business, those benefits packages are a huge drawing point. 

Staying Healthy Is A Huge Concern Among Workers

Sadly, Medicare is set up to treat those who are sick and that’s the bottom line. There truly is little in the way of preventative medical services. This is why so many small businesses offer additional family health insurance. Medicare doesn’t pay some of the services you need to keep you on the job whereas the right kind of family health cover can address many of the concerns you and your employees might have.

Whether you are concerned with the long waits for Medicare services or the total lack of the services you require, it pays to take time to see what kinds of additional cover are out there. Good family health cover can keep both your workers and your fledgling startup strong and healthy. If ever there was a reason to carry extra insurance, this would be it!


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