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Let’s face it, it’s hard to choose a gift for a woman, especially if the giver is the opposite gender. Women like color but they ‘love’ black. They are into shoes but what type? They love chocolate but is that a gift? If you are also facing the evergreen problem of deciding a gift for a woman, and she happens to be manicure lover, then you have to look no further.If these gifts inspire you to start your own nail care line, then let llc formation services guide you through the legal process of setting up your beauty-based business. This list will take your burden off. She will definitely feel that you have put thought into choosing the gift. And we promise to keep quiet! Ssshhh….

1. First of All, Nail Polish!

You won’t go wrong with this one. A wide variety of nail polishes is essential and dear for any manicure lover. These are also one of the best gifts for women. Pick nail polish sets with different colors, mattes and chromes, bolds and nudes, metallics, glitter ones. Because it’s never enough!

2. Nail Art Tool Kit

Weapons for the soldier. Nail art tool kit with dotting tools, variety of nail art brushes, some stencils would definitely impress her. You can also add a bottle of topcoat and basecoat each to show some extra effort. Make sure to wrap it up in a nice-looking pouch instead of some plastic/carry bags.

3. Manicure Tool Kit

Some more weapons. A DIY manicure tool kit is necessary for a manicure lover. She can give herself a manicure treatment at her own space doing what she likes. If you are a male, consult a woman while buying manicure tool kit as they know what is required and you won’t make a mistake.

4. Nail Stickers and Decals

Women love decorations and they love their nails. You would definitely become her favorite person if you gift her nail stickers, decals, nail glitter and rhinestones. Rhinestones are available in so many varieties and they are all beautiful, so you won’t have difficulty choosing. You’ll find everything under one roof at nail supply store.

5. Press-On Nails

Not all of us are blessed with healthy nails. Some of us bite off our own nails and drool at someone else’s well maintained ones. Press-on nails are our savior. This gift can save a woman from all the hard work and give her nails she can experiment on. So, no need to think twice.

6. Manicure Spa Kit

Those beautifully done nails won’t look good on not so well-kept hands, right? Manicure Spa kit to the rescue! Lot of options are available in markets and online. Find the one having hand cleanser, scrub, cream or lotion and you are good to go. TIP: Something with anti-tan properties is a cherry on top.

7. Nail Polish Remover

It is as important as the nail polish. Nail polish removers can be harsh so choose one wisely. Look for a natural one with some conditioning and moisturizing effect. No fuss wipes and ‘dip and twist’ options are also available. Pair these up with any other option and that’s a perfect gift. Voila!

8. Manicure at a Spa

If you are too lazy to do any shopping but you still want your gift to be a memorable one, then buy her a manicure treatment at a spa nearby. This is the ultimate gift because women love the pampering spa treatment. If you want to be generous then make it a manicure and pedicure combo.

All of these gift ideas are a definite hit with a manicure lover and most for woman, in general. So, choose any one of the above or pair things up, wrap it up real nice and handover the perfect gift. She will think of you every time she will look at her hands and notice her beautiful nails. And trust me, that happens a lot during the whole day. Thank us later.


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