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Naples is a beautiful sea-facing city. Right after Rome and Milan, Naples is one of the most loved holiday destinations of Italy. 

The vastness and richness of the city can easily enamour a new visitor. While getting lost is an adventurous way to travel, that’s not everyone’s preference. 

If you’re making a plan to visit Naples, you better have an itinerary to guide you. 

To help with your travel plans we have listed the eight best activities in Naples you shouldn’t miss!

1. Take a Tour of Pompeii

Not far from Naples, the old ruins of Pompeii are on every traveler’s wishlist. Pompeii lies right near Mt. Vesuvius and was destroyed due to volcanic eruptions in 79 AD. It’s a surprise that most structures of the town survived the calamity and were preserved due to the ashes deposited from the eruptions. 

The city presents specimens of spectacular architecture. You can walk around the ruins and visit the famous monuments and excavations.

2. Hike Up To Mt. Vesuvius

The picturesque Mt. Vesuvius is the first thing you notice in the skyline of the city. The sight is so alluring that no traveler can leave Naples without a climb up to the mountain. The volcano is a dormant one, and it will be ages before it erupts again.

If you don’t consider yourself fit for a long trek, you can always start your climb at the Mt. Vesuvius Park. This way you’ll reach the summit in under half an hour. The sight of the vast volcanic crater at the top is breathtaking and so are the views of the city of Naples.

It is possible to take a quick bus to Mt. Vesuvius directly from Naples railway station. You also have the option to leave your luggage at the railway station. Trusted private companies like Vertoe offer safe luggage storage even for short durations, so you can plan quick tours as soon as you get off the train.

3. Visit the Famous Castel Nuovo

Castel Nuovo is an impressive monument that dominates the Naples city skyline. The massive structure and its gorgeous marble central facade will leave you spellbound for sure. You can explore the nooks and corners of this giant castle and go all the way to the top for some fantastic views of the Naples harbor and skyline.

Get a true feel of the ancient Roman history by stepping inside the castle museum and witnessing the art and sculptures from the 14th century.

4. Spend Some Time At The Harbor

The Naples harbor gives you a view of the busy port area with docks lined with ships. The big vessels lined against bright and colorful buildings make for a pretty scenery. This huge harbor and the amazing views of the seafront has inspired many artists. 

You can find the Naples harbor occupied by locals around the evening time. Porto di Mergellina which lies towards the west end of the harbor hosts many busy cafes. The harbor line is the perfect spot for a cup of coffee or a long walk at dusk.

5. Leisure Time At Piazza del Plebiscito

If you get exhausted making a line for these busy tourist attractions, you can make the Piazza del Plebiscito your next stop. Being the main city square, the Piazza gives you the buzz of Naples’ local life without having to do much. The Piazza sits in the heart of the city, so you can quickly resume your sightseeing with the next attraction.

The Royal Palace and the Basilica Royal are two main attractions also located at this square. Both buildings make up for stunning views at this location.

6. Explore San Gennaro Catacombs

San Gennaro Catacombs will give you the thrills of venturing into the dungeons and dark alleyways lined with ancient graves and crypts. 

This underground site is divided into two levels, the entire space carved out in stone. The top level has an eerie but interesting collection of frescos and artworks. The bottom level is even spookier! There are about 3000 burial sites in a grim lowly lit ambience. 

We highly recommend a guided tour of the Catacombs to get the right historical details about the site.

7. Take A Tour Of Capri

The island of Capri is just a ferry ride away from Naples. The one hour ferry will take you through stunning blue waters to the heat warming Italian island. 

You can easily take a day trip to Capri, soak up the sun at the beach and explore the Blue Grotto sea cave.

8. Go Out For Shopping

Shopping in Italy is always a fascinating experience. Naples also has some exciting shopping arenas which should be covered in your list. 

One spot you should cover is the Poggioreale Market close to the central railway station. It’s the hub for all kinds of leather goods.

Even if you’re on a very short trip, you can easily make time for shopping just before departure from the city. You can use the facility at the luggage storage Napoli Centrale, to leave your baggage and take a quick tour of the market.


We have covered only a few attractions of the city here. There is so much more to do and see. And of course, you also have the delicious Italian food to relish on. With picturesque locations and stunning architecture, Naples is a holiday destination you’ll never wish to leave.


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