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Sometimes one job- part time or full- doesn’t quite cut it in today’s unpredictable economy. Those who are adept in multiple trades have an upper-hand in finding more jobs than the one trick ponies. Thanks to the internet, though, the playing field is being leveled to allow applicants of all skill sets.

Do a search of any job listing site and you’ll find a wide array of small side jobs. Many of these jobs are easy to apply for and can have you start working in a few days. Don’t know which one is right for you? Listed below are a few types of side gigs to help you earn extra money.

Scam Warning:

There are job listings promising easy money and flexible hours, but with strings attached. Most of these are scams trying to get you to reveal sensitive financial or identity information. Do diligent research before applying to a service associated with the categories below. Double check their reviews and credentials.

Selling Gently Used Items

Do you have barely used clothing, toys, DVDs, or accessories taking up space? Trade them in for cash! A common site to sell used goods is eBay, but Etsy is just as good for selling old bric-a-brac in addition to crafts.

Ride Share

If you often give rides to people, then joining Uber and Lyft can allow you to make money while doing good. Applicants must 21 years of ag (or older), valid auto insurance, well-running vehicle, and a clean driving record.

Delivery Drives

Anyone under the age of 19 can qualify as a driver for UberEATS or UberRUSH using your vehicle to courier food or packages. Depending on other companies your hired onto- either Amazon Flex, Instacart, or Postmate-you could use alternate transportation.

Freelance Gigs

It’s said that if you’re good at something, never do it for free. If you’re experienced in writing, photography, accounting, or programming, then you could freelance your skills. Freelance opportunities can be found on most job sites, but it helps to build a portfolio to impress potential clients.

Random Tasks

All of those little household chores can seem like your workday never ends. You can now get paid for each little task that you accomplish thanks to sites like TaskRabbit. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform pays for settling online tasks such as image tagging and receipt transcription.

Monetized Streaming Media

Anyone with video gaming skills can take advantage of live streaming platforms. Twitch’s program allows you to stream games and host live chats while accepting donations. YouTube can also monetize your videos for running ads.

Take Surveys

Media companies are always conducting paid public surveys. Some surveys offer bonuses up to $10 and reward coupons for signing up. You may need a PayPal account in order to receive  payments.

Pet Care

Animal lovers can now enjoy caring for house pets and earn money doing it. Rover and Wag lets you set individual price rates for dog walking, grooming, pet sitting, or (if you have the experience) obedience training.

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