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The thing about school these days is it demands so much from our kids. There are too many homeworks, projects, and extracurricular activities that happen all at once. For instance, while international schools are known for holistic programs that help kids excel academically and artistically, the requirements for each class may still be rigid.

We can help them deal with the workload by making sure their study corner is comfortable and our assistance if they need it. But another way we can make things easier for them is through food. So here is a list of foods you can prepare while they are studying.


The first thing you need to do is make sure that your kids are hydrated.  A lot of studies have shown that being dehydrated even for just a moment affects short-term memory, focus, and attention. The recommended eight glasses of water everyday does not exactly give you a specific measure. Just make sure that they are getting at least 1,900 ml of water. You can do this by just giving them their own water thermos which they can refill throughout the day.

Peanut butter

A lunchbox favorite, peanut butter sandwiches are a great way to get kids in the mood for learning. It contains glucose, vitamin E, and thiamine which are responsible for mood regulation and energy. If you prefer using almond butter, you will get all of these benefits plus L-carnitine and riboflavin prevents brain decline and improve neurological activity.


Who doesn’t love a good cooked egg, right? The yolk contains choline which is an important part of the cell membrane which accounts for a high percentage of brain mass. It also forms acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for passing messages to and from nerves. For this reason, choline is helps brain and memory function.


Avocados aren’t just a health buff thing, it also provides multiple benefits to the body. This fruit is considered good, monounsaturated fat that is responsible for lower blood pressure and improved blood circulation. You can try to mash avocado on toast like most kids are already doing these days. But you can also cut them up and add them in salad or eat them as is.

Lean meat

Lean meats like chicken and turkey are good sources for minerals like iron and zinc. Iron assists in supplying oxygen to the brain. A lack of iron can cause attentional and cognitive deficit. Zinc, on the other hand, is responsible for regulating the communication between nerve channels. Zinc deficiency leads to memory problems.


Blueberries are known to have massive amounts of antioxidants. Specifically wild berries, your kids can get flavonoids called anthocyanins. It protects the body from diseases, viruses, and lessens the chances of cancer. It also protects the brain from radical damage.

So the next time your kids come home stressed about their projects and homework, make sure you’ve got the peanut butter sandwiches and blueberries ready for them on the table!



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