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No matter how much regulation is imposed upon us, our environment will not be preserved until we ourselves become more conscious about the environment. We don’t need to take monumental steps such as installing solar energy system or rainwater cistern to protect environment. A simple step like teaching our kids to care about environment could do a lot in the long run.

Kids are amazingly quick learners! If you teach them to be mindful about environment at the early stage, they would make an excellent citizen to the world, not just to the city they live in.

Here’re some tips you can use to teach your kids to care about environment:

1. Instill Green Thinking

Kids have a natural affinity to nature. So, describe to them the importance of the natural resource we use in our everyday life such as water and energy. Ask them to always conserve water while brushing the teeth or washing the dish. Also, guide them to turn off the lights when leaving the room.

  1. A Walk In The Nature

Take a walk with your kinds in the nearly parks and woodlands. Talk to them about the trees, birds and animal around and how these wild or green lives are contributing to human life.

  1. Keep A Pet

It’s not necessary that you have to keep a dog or cat. A small rabbit or a gold fish would do fine. Ask the kid to take care of the pet, feed them or clean them if necessary. Taking care of another animal will help the kid grow up as an animal lover as well as a responsible person.

  1. Read Environment Related Books

Reading books that are based on environment could be another excellent way to make kids aware of the environment. There are many good books like Dr. Suess’ The Lorax , The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry  or Over In The Jungle by Marianne Berkes which use understandable language for kids, vivid illustrations and engaging stories.  These books can teach the child about environment in their own way.

  1. Get The Kids Involved In Growing Something

Allow your child to plant trees, seeds or blubs, definitely under your supervision. Let them nurture the seeds/bulbs and get their hands dirty. They are sure to feel amazing (you will feel great too!) when the seeds grow over time. If you don’t possess a garden to try this, you could always use some herbs in kitchen or balcony tub.

  1. Reduce, Reuse And Recycle

One of the most critical things about protecting environment is reducing, reusing and recycling staffs that we use. Try to choose earth friendly products if there is an option. For example, use recyclable containers when packing lunchboxes, with cloth napkins instead of using plastic boxes. Tell your children how we consume unnecessary things and how we can avoid consuming them. Teach them to minimize waste and how to dispose the waste properly.

  1. Get Involved In A Cleanup Campaign

Get your children into a clean-up program like beach clean-up along with you. This will help them understand the importance of keeping the environment clean, healthy and beautiful. If there is no beach around your vicinity, create a fun program of cleaning the house altogether. You will be able to teach your kids the importance of cleanliness along with passing a quality family time.

  1. Lead By Example

Finally, you should be environment friendly yourself to teach your kids to care about environment. You know, a picture is worth thousand words. Whether you realize it or not, your kids are always watching your activities and emulating you. So, get rid of any environment ‘unfriendly’ habit you have such as ‘not using the trash bin appropriately’. If you develop environment friendly habits yourself, your kids will grow that kind of habits too.


If you are particularly busy person, your kid may have house tutor to help with various subjects. So, just ask the private tutor to add important lessons about environment when he or she teaches your kids. Just like you, the tutor can play a great role in making your kids care about our environment.




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