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I am so looking forward to my kids having two weeks off for Christmas Break. We have been so busy lately with soccer, school activities, a community Christmas Musical my boys are in and the list goes on.

I know if I don’t have a plan with things scheduled out, the time off will fly by and I will not accomplish all the things I want to. I encourage you to take some time this week and pencil in your calendar some fun festive things to do with your family. These things don’t have to be set in stone but it helps to have a plan of action. Someone once told me the most important day to schedule is your day off, and that is so true. The days I have off seem to go by quicker and if I don’t have it scheduled out, then I am disappointed in what I did not accomplish.

These are some of the fun, festive things I plan on doing with my children in the next two weeks. I hope it helps you with some ideas for your family.

1. Baking – We will be baking cookies, here is an easy recipe. We will be making easy crock-pot chocolate candies and festive Rice Krispie Treats to pass out goodies to our neighbors and friends. Sometimes we have gathered all the cousins at grandmas house and iced and decorated cookies, that is always a lot of fun. We always build Gingerbread Houses during Christmas break. Sometimes we use the pre-made kits and sometimes we just use graham crackers and bulk candies. Both ways are fun!

2. Making Ornaments – My boys love making ornaments, they especially like getting them out the next year and recalling the memories of their creation. You can find easy all-inclusive kits at the Dollar Store to make ornaments, you can use twigs from outside. Take them to the park one day, let them find twigs, and pinecones and make these cute Pom Pom Pinecones and Twig Trees and Stars (pictured on the blog).
You can use empty toilet paper tubes to make snowflakes. Use leftover buttons from your sewing kit and glitter, kids love making these.

3. Decorating – We have most of our Christmas decorations displayed already, but I always like to include my children in some DIY decorating, like making paper snowflakes and a chain link Christmas countdown. Here is an easy idea to include the kids, take a glass cake stand and turn it into a Christmas centerpiece. Have the kids find things you already have and create your winter/Christmas scene. We used a nativity scene we had, a Christmas tree salt shaker we’ve had for years and some other decorative pieces to create this one pictured on the blog.

4. PJ Movie Day – I also like to schedule some downtime. With busy schedules, it is nice to stay home and watch our favorite Christmas movies and hang out around the house.

5. Reading – It is a family tradition to read the Christmas Story on Christmas and make a cake to sing ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’. I also like to keep the kids reading while they are on Christmas break. We have seasonal books that I put away on purpose with our Christmas decorations, so when we get them out next year, it’s like a brand new book, and they love reading them. Some of our favorites are The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree, Berenstain Bears The Joy of Giving, Pete the Cat Saves Christmas, Christmas in the Manger and so many others.

6. Game Day – If I let my boys they will play on their electronic devices for as long as possible. I make sure to limit screen time, even while on vacation, they don’t always appreciate it at first, but once they get out the Legos and Nerf Guns, they forget about their electronics. I schedule a Board Gameday, and they love to play some of the oldies but goodies, like Candy Land, Monopoly, Sorry and so many others.

7. Free Art – I look for canvases when they are on sale and save them for Christmas break. The boys love painting on canvas. I also let them paint and draw on cardboard boxes. They have fun cutting the boxes to create things. This is when all that Amazon Prime shopping comes in handy. If it’s a nice day we do chalk art on the trampoline. Let the kids pick or do a variety of art projects throughout the day.

8. Talent Show – My kids love putting on Talent Shows, Puppet Shows, Magic Shows, my oldest loves using his Magic Show Trick box, and now with YouTube channels they follow like Dude Perfect and Evan Tube, for example, they love making their own videos. I haven’t let them post on YouTube yet, but they still love making their own videos of trick shots and skits.

9. Lunch Date – We usually schedule a day to go out to lunch to one of their favorite places like John’s Incredible Pizza, Chuck E Cheese, or even McDonald’s with a play yard. It’s a fun treat and nice to get out of the house.

10. Groupon Adventures – In the months before Christmas I keep my eye out of for deals on Groupon that I can take the kids to during Christmas break. Sometimes that’s been bowling, roller skating, or one of those indoor play places. Keep this in mind for Spring Break and Summer Break, just make sure you check the expiration date.

Having fun and being festive during Christmas Break does not have to break the bank. There are plenty of fun things you can do that cost nothing. The important things is to spend quality time together and create memories. Lets also not forget to keep everyone from getting bored and annoying each other including mom. With four boys in my house if I don’t have a game plan boredom can quickly lead to quarreling.

I also know that my boys are getting older and one day they won’t want to make paper snowflakes anymore so I am soaking in all the crafting moments with mom and hopefully, they never outgrow baking and decorating cookies.

I hope you enjoy this Christmas season with your family and have a very Merry Christmas!

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