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We all need a kitchen blender, and if it is your daily morning routine to start your day with a glass of juice, you need it more. I have found many people talking about that they don’t need a blender as they can buy a glass of juice from any juice corner. At least for me, preparing a glass of juice in my kitchen is equally important as a juice for my body. Like many other people, I don’t trust to start my day with ready-made things. I want my homemade fresh breakfast with orange or apple juice.

Despite preparing juices, there are many other things that require you to have a blender in your kitchen. This kitchen equipment is used to mix, mash or blend food, and puree. They are used in both commercial and home kitchens and use for several purposes including:

  • Crush and mash solid foods such as seed or grain into powder.
  • Stir or crash the ingredients like yogurt, fruits, or milk to make milkshakes and beverages.
  • Make purees of vegetables and meat.
  • Mix and blend the other food items.

Here we have prepared a Blender Buying Guide that will help you to choose the one you need for your kitchen.

1.      Types of Blenders

Today a different variety of blenders are available to buy. Some of them are with basic functions, while many others can process hard foods. Nowadays, jar blenders are more in demand because of their features, capacity, and price. Multifunction blenders, on the other hand, are more versatile but pricey.

2.      What Blender Functions You Want?

If you want to buy a blender for making frozen drinks and smoothies, you need to choose the one with an ice-crushing blade and with at least 500 power watts. These blenders are available in different sizes, colors, and power watts. For grinding or chopping tasks, you need a blender with the blades that are sharp enough for chopping purposes.

3.      Consider the Blender Size

Blenders are available in different sizes from four to fourteen cups. You need to choose the one that suits your needs and space. When you come to choose the size, you need to consider the number of your family members. It is always prudent to choose the size after considering all factors, including the amount of food items you need to grind, blend, or mash.

4.      Check the Power and Speed

Not everyone needs a blender rich with features but a simple and powerful machine. Blenders used to perform different jobs, including grinding, mashing, crushing, and preparing juices. If you afford, you can even buy a blender that processes all these functions, but still, you need to check the speed and power.

To check speed, look for the blades and try the blender with between three to ten speed settings. When you try to check on speed less than three, it will not give you enough control. On the other hand, for power, 500watts are generally enough for the blenders that you are going to use to make milkshakes and smoothies.

5.      Don’t Overlook to Compare Price

This is the main factor most of us overlook when you come to purchase a kitchen appliance. Everyone wants a machine loaded with different features at a lower price. It is always wise to compare rates, but don’t forget to check the features and quality. Sometimes, most of us compromise the quality over price. So ensure neither you are compromising on quality nor price. Take the time to research different machines and also to assess your budget to pick the right one that suits both your space and needs.



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