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You know me – I LOVE my coffee. I also love having a fresh brew each and every time I enjoy a cup. So I am constantly using a single-cup brewing option. And by constantly, I mean – several times daily. I have a few cups of coffee each day, but I’m not interested in making an entire pot each time. Enter my new Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffeemaker.

I enjoy being able to brew a cup at a moment’s notice and this uniquely designed coffeemaker will brew ground coffee in less than 90 seconds. Being a work at home mom my time is limited – and when I’m ready for a cup of coffee, I need to have access to it rather quickly.

Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffeemaker

One of the best features that helps me to more quickly get my coffee ready – is the scoop! It’s genius! The built-in scoop allows you to quickly scoop your coffee grounds and place them into the coffeemaker. Scoop either to the 8 oz. or 14 oz line – depending on your cup size – and place the scoop into the coffeemaker. After your cuppa joe has brewed – simply lift the scoop and dispose of the used grounds. A quick rinse and it’s ready for your next cup.

Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffeemaker

Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffeemaker

I also love that I can choose what type of brew I’d like. I prefer a bold and strong brew – and I was pretty excited to see that when I pulled it out of the box.

Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffeemaker

One of the most important features in a single-cup coffeemaker – is being able to easily brew grounds without using any type of pod or disposable filter. Brew options include eight ounces or a 14-ounce travel mug as well as regular or bold settings without the use of pods, K-cup®** pods or disposable filters.

Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffeemaker

I also like to travel with a single cup maker. I know, a lot of hotels and resorts are now providing single-serve coffeemakers – but you just never know. And a coffee lover can’t be too careful. This Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffeemaker is my new travel buddy. Its sleek design and light weight make it perfect to tote along with me on road trips!

The Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffeemaker would be great for anyone who wants a quick cup of coffee throughout the day or for those who are the only coffee drink in their home and don’t need the use of a larger maker.

Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffeemaker

And I almost forgot! Splatter! One of the most annoying things – for me anyway – are when single-cup coffeemakers splatter coffee as it drips. The Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffeemaker allows you to adjust the height so that your coffee cup can better fit depending on it’s size. Coffee splatter, goodbye!

Hop over to Walmart to browse this gorgeous and fast coffeemaker!

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