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Are you still young, partying with all kinds of alcohol brands not ready to have a baby yet? Enjoy it while it lasts but remember, actions have consequences! Many people who have already passed this stage wish they could go back in time and be sweet sixteen again. Most young people do not believe in a correlation between alcohol and fertility. They argue that alcohol is part of growing up and it does affect their ability to have a baby when it is finally time. The famous saying that you should quit drinking only when you are pregnant, is a myth that should not be adhered to by any future mother.

The more you drink in your youth, the harder it may get to conceive. Scientist have spent years looking for the relationship between the two and found evidence that heavy drinking of alcohol will prevent you from conceiving at the desired time.With our biological clocks ticking, would you risk bareness if you knew you could actually prevent it?

You may quit drinking with the news of the blessing along your way, but the fact that you used to take more than 7 drinks within few days may affect the health of your baby in the future. Be warned! It is better to suffer alcohol withdrawal symptoms for a while as you start quitting now rather than affecting your baby’s health few years to come.

How does alcohol affect your fertility?

alcohol and infertilityFor those who stick to the myth mentioned above, here is proof to show how wrong you are. According to a study carried out by European Multicenter, more than 4,000 heavy drinkers experience problems while trying to get pregnant compared to those who don’t enjoy the temporary booze. The following are some of the effects of alcohol on a woman’s fertility.


Too much alcohol affects your system as a woman in that it interferes with your delicate hormones causing you to have strong menstrual crumps or worse heavy flows. You may also experience stronger migrainesand uncontrollable mood swings during this period all associated with excess alcohol consumption. Alcohol withdrawal will make you have normal menstrual flows that don’t have to be that painful. You don’t have to keep on throwing tantrums on anyone anymore.


Women who suffer from this condition may not be necessarily cursed as our society makes us believe. Such conditions may be brought about by too much alcohol in your system. You may have been a heavy drinker before pregnancy or worse continued with this habit during the first months of pregnancy. Whether you were aware of your pregnancy or not, alcohol poses as a great risk of you losing your baby. How unfortunate! Do not be a victim simply because you cannot put it behind you. Starting from an early age will prevent toxins from destroying your reproductive system.

Fetal alcohol syndrome

Since sex and alcohol go hand in hand, in the process of living to the fullest, you may fall pregnant unknowingly and continue drinking before realizing that it has been three months since your last menstrual cycle. The trauma of being pregnant will not only affect you but your baby too.  The continued heavy drinking may cause your baby to develop fetal alcohol syndrome which slows their development as well as exposes them to the risk of birth defects. No mother wants this to happen to their kids yet some live this carelessly. Change your lifestyle today and drink responsibly even if you are not pregnant yet because withdrawing from alcohol when young will prevent you from continuous use while pregnant.

Pre term birth

The strength of a woman is evident from all the tough challenges that some go through. Those suffering from domestic violence may turn to alcohol while pregnant to relieve the stress of living with an abusive man. This may affect your baby because you may end up delivering prematurely. Complications that come with pre term birth are never easy for any woman. Prevent such circumstances by seeking counselling rather than turning to alcohol while pregnant.

How much is too much alcohol for your fertility?

Doctors recommend light drinking saying that one glass of wine in a while does not have great impact on your fertility. Enjoying a glass twice in a year as you celebrate holidays does not seem to affect your fertility. However, 3 drinks on a daily basis is wanting and you should start alcohol detox today so that you don’t affect your womanhood. Appreciate this God given blessing and take care of it since many wish they could have babies, but some can’t.

Is it only females affected?

Unlike other unbiased aspects in life, too much alcohol consumption can affect a man too. Every day, cases of divorces caused by childlessness keep on rising.  What the society tends to hide is that most cases of families lacking children is caused by a man’s impotence. In as much as this lowers a man’s ego, it is a fact that may have been brought about due to excessive drinking.

Alcohol reduces testosterone levels in a man and makes his sperms weak so that they cannot swim fast enough to reach a woman’s egg for conception. Other than that, too much alcohol can affect a man’s libido. Save yourself the embarrassment of not being able to raise to the occasion by going on an alcohol detox to prevent further fertility complications. Further studies indicate that if you drink too much alcohol while pregnant, you may affect the sperm count of your baby boy.

Final thoughts

It is therefore evident that alcohol and fertility is not a topic that should be overlooked. Most young people live a care free life without thinking about tomorrow. Be the wise lady who says no for a drinking spree but rather, indulges in things that help you get a better future. Hope the above enlightens you on the dangers of alcohol to your fertility. Drop alcohol today so that one you can make the best mother to your healthy kids, for a stitch in time saves nine.



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