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Your brand identity represents your company’s reputation, customer service, ethics, brand awareness and product quality. It is an idea that exists within your customers’ mindsets, and gives them a visuals, values and emotional appeals that help make your business recognizable and personable.

Major brands such as Apple, Coca Cola, Samsung and Microsoft all have a strong brand identity that consumers often grab onto when making purchases. Some are sleek, trendy and helpful (Apple, for example), and some warm, friendly and familial (such as Coca-Cola).

Customers often associate your brand with a name, logo, web design or image. When buying your products, consumers are certain that they can receive a high quality of standard and good customer service. This creates a strong foundation for your business and noteworthy impression of your brand by building a relationship with your customers and can lead to trusted relationship and long-term growth.

According to Harvard Business Review, customers care more about the quality of shared interactions between them and a brand rather than the quantity. Therefore, it’s important to set a strong brand identity when it comes to how you operate your business and the way you present your brand to your customers. Here are 5 reasons a strong brand identity will grow your business.

  • Brand Awareness

Good brand awareness will allow customers to notice your company’s products or services amongst the rest of the competition, increasing the number of customers who will buy your products on the basis of recognition and trust. If you have a positive brand identity, customers will associate many positive aspects such as good customer service, great return policy and high-quality products. Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to create brand awareness and bring in new customers.

  • Enhanced Credibility

Customers can be sure that your products are unique and have better quality than your peers. For B2B business, branding is extremely important – in fact, 89 percent of marketers say that strong brand awareness often follow by sales and lead generation. New customers can be sure of the quality of your products or services and know that you stand behind your marketing promises. Having a credible brand allow you to stand out amongst the rest of your competition and increase loyalty amongst consumers.

  • Ease of New Product Introduction

Whenever you introduce new products to the market, your customers can be sure that they will carry the same weight and standard based on your brand identity. Forty-eight percent of consumers expect brands to help them discover new products and services based on their needs. Customers will trust that you have put more thoughts and care into your new products as you did with previous products. This may allow you to cut down on marketing costs to focus on creating the same great quality of products that customers know and trust. Customers will likely continue to engage with your new products based on already established trust and a professional brand image.

  • Freedom to Create New Experience

You can introduce new experience and new products to your customers by having the freedom to experiment. Take risks by using new marketing tactics or advertisement campaigns without fearing negative backlash from your loyal customers. Having a notable brand identity will allow you to have more fun with various business processes from product innovation to product launch. For example, major brands such as Apple and Facebook are always experimenting with new features and products knowing that they will have the full support of their loyal customers.

  • Consistent Grow

Grow your business at a sustainable and consistent rate by focusing on your customers’ needs. Improve customers reviews and business ratings by staying transparent as you build a long-lasting relationship between your company and your customers. Ninety-four percent of customers are loyal to a brand if the company have full transparency and 73 percent say that they are willing to pay more for a brand that they trust. Continue to grow by improving the way you conduct business across all your business value chains.


Brand marketing is a strategic asset to any company’s growth; therefore, in order to succeed, have a solid brand guideline, stay consistent and establish trust. Gain new customers and increase sales by creating a positive impression of your brand identity. By following these easy steps, you can be sure that your brand will stand out amongst the rest.

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