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When you have children, you suddenly begin to question how exactly you filled your time before their arrival. From the minute you wake up you are on the go, making breakfast, running the house, going to work, all while answering never-ending questions; it’s endless, and you may be wondering how to make time for you and your health, when every minute is currently filled.

Stop saying you don’t have time

How many times a day do you say that you don’t have time? You probably say it to everyone – your partner, your children, and your colleagues. Stop. By repeatedly saying that you don’t have time you are conditioning yourself to believe it. Reframe it – you have the time, you just haven’t prioritized it.

When you say that you don’t have time for you and your health, it’s time to make a change.

Listen to your body

Your body has wonderful ways of drawing attention to its parts that are not working quite as well as they should, but do you listen? That niggle on your knee, that change in urine color could be indicators of a health condition, and so you need to respond to what your body is telling you. If the only appointment that you can get to see a doctor means that your child misses baseball, guess what? He misses baseball. Make your health your priority.

Be proactive in seeking a solution to your health concerns – if you have painful and heavy periods, seek advice from Seckin endometriosis center; if you have a bad back, seek treatment from a chiropractor. By being active in managing your health concerns, you limit the risk of any issues escalating and impacting on your life further.

Learn to say no

Have a look at your calendar. Do you really want to go to all the events that are listed on it? Learn to say no to invitations and requests that don’t float your boat. You will have commitments that you must fulfill such as work, but there will also be events that you feel obliged to attend, and these are the ones that you can cross out. Only accept further demands on your time if you really want to go – learn to say no to invitations; you have the right to choose.


Multitasking is an expert skill that you will have honed through your daily struggle to run a house, bring up children, work and be a partner, so why not apply your multitasking skills to your health? Your health does not have to be a solo journey that you are on. You can recruit the kids to help you make healthy dishes, exercise while watching a movie (best at home, not the cinema), and walk around the perimeter of the field when you are spectating your children’s sports games. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Evaluate where you are spending your time and how you can delegate chores between the householders to free up some precious time to devote to your health and wellbeing. You really do need to make your health your priority. You have many people depending on you to maintain your health and the impact on your family if you have the misfortune to become ill can be catastrophic.


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