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When people are asked what they look for in a person who they want to date, they will give you many answers. Some will say that they want somebody who is smart, understanding, attractive, and caring. Others may focus more strongly on personality attributes while others will weigh physical attributes more heavily. To be perfectly honest, there isn’t a universal formula that is used by everyone when it comes to determining the attributes of their perfect partner.There are, however, a set of attributes that people tend to consider with greater frequency. Here is a list of the top seven.

1.   Age

While it is true that there are very successful relationships that involve large age differences, the reality of the situation is that the larger the age gap, the greater the possibility of the relationship failing.There are many reasons for this, but it is mostly due to the fact that sharing generational experiences are essential for establishing a degree of commonality. In turn, commonality is one of the biggest driving forces behind the compatibility of two people. This is probably why age is one of the most significant attributes that people consider when looking for a long-term partner, or even just a local hookup.

2. Income

It is easy to get caught up in the idealized and highly romanticized notion of “love conquering all.” While affixing a monetary or materialistic prerequisite to something as sentimental and emotional as a relationship can sound cold, the reality is that it does happen and it happens a lot.

This doesn’t mean that those who consider income are materialistic. If anything, it just implies that they are pragmatic , there is nothing wrong with that.

When seeking a partner it is normal to consider their level of income. After all, income has a direct correlation to lifestyle and security. Of course, it is important to remember that not only is present income used to make such determinations, future income potential is also considered.

What does this mean? Well, if you are currently a cash-scrapped med student, chances are that you will still be seen as a good catch. After all, while you might be struggling financially today, the outlook for your economic future is far better than that of your average Joe.

3.Physical Attractiveness

It is important to note that different people will have different ways of identifying and qualifying physical attractiveness. That being said, however, it cannot be denied that physical attractiveness is a key attribute that people look at when considering who they want to date.The primary physical attributes that people look at are weight, height, physique, hair, and facial features. This might cause alarm or concern for some people. After all, how many of us are true specimens of idealized beauty?Fortunately, the reality of the situation is that while 75 percent of people admit that physical attraction is one of their top three metrics for analyzing potential partners, how people identify beauty or handsomeness varies tremendously. This means that regardless of how you qualify your physical appearance  after all, we are our own worst critics you can rest assured that there are plenty of people out there who find your particular physical attributes to be attractive. If you believe that we are just pulling your leg, just consider the number of niche dating sites that focus on finding people of a particular physical appearance. There are sites for finding BBWs, older women and older men, thin people, short people, specific ethnicities, the list is endless.

The takeaway from this is that, yes, people will consider your physical appearance before dating you. However, regardless of how you look, there will be people out there that will seek you out.

4. Education Level

Education is another attribute that helps to establish commonality between two people. This is not due to snobbery. The vast majority of daters take the education level of a potential partner into consideration for more profound reasons.

Having similar education levels will create better opportunities for conversation. It will also create greater possibilities for shared goals and values.

5. Personality

Similar to physical attractiveness, your personality invokes many other individual attributes. From your level of social interaction, your style of communication, your patience and tolerance, your sense of humor , there are many ingredients that contribute to your overall personality.

This is why you should not be surprised that over 80 percent of people report a compatible personality as being essential for any potential partner. That’s an even larger number than those who consider physical attractiveness as essential.

Fortunately, different people value different personality types. Some people will seek out those who are extroverted while others will find an introverted personality to be more to their liking. Just like with looks, every personality type will have a group of fans.

6. Sense of Humor

You would be correct in stating that your sense of humor is a contributing factor to your personality. However, it also deserves to stand on its own as another key metric used to qualify potential mates.

Even the most curmudgeon among us has some sort of sense of humor. Yours might be dry and stale while someone else might enjoy sophomoric comedy and yet another person might enjoy more sophisticated wit and humor. The point is that people do weigh each other’s sense of humor.

Since the only good sense of humor is that which is your own, this is all the more reason to be yourself when it comes to this area. Don’t force yourself to be funny, don’t pretend to enjoy jokes that you do not like. Quite simply, be honest about what makes you laugh. There will be others who will share your view on the world and laugh with you.

7. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is important. It helps to establish the pattern and rhythm of your daily existence. It stands to reason that those who are considering dating you will look at your lifestyle and determine if it is compatible with their own.

This is why trying to pretend to have a lifestyle that is not your own is never a good idea when you are dating someone. It can create a false set of expectations and will usually result in frustrated or failed relationships. Whatever lifestyle you enjoy, you can be certain that there are others who share it as well.

There Is Someone for Everyone

Yes, we know, stating that there is someone for everyone sounds like some empty platitude. However, it is the truth.

When you are part of the dating pool you will be under the microscope. This, however, should not be a cause for dread. While many of your attributes will be scrutinized by potential partners, you should rest easy knowing that no matter how quirky, how common, or how imperfect you are, there will be others out there for whom you are their ideal match.


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