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So, you have chosen to go for the sweetheart neckline gown? This is a stunning choice for prom, homecoming or any special event. You will be attracting attention to your feminine shape and give your cleavage just the right frame.

Creating a beautiful heart shape at the top of the dress, the design naturally accentuates your body in all the right places. If you are still searching for a large selection of prom shoes and heels, check out Peaches Boutique. They have a stunning range of sweetheart neckline gowns and accessories that go with them.


When choosing a sweetheart dress, you want to check off the following aspects:

  • Ensure you try on the dress so it has the right fit around your chest.
  • When trying on the gown, remember to move around like you will be on the night. Stretch your arms, dance around, bend over. You want a realistic idea of how the dress will fit with movement when you wear it.
  • Go somewhere with a great selection of sweetheart gowns and don’t settle until you have seen a good range.
  • Consider whether your body type works best with this design or whether it’s better suited to another neckline.
  • Understand how it creates an illusion of curves with your body and see how it works with your shape. Does it flatter you and enhance your natural curves?

The great news is sweetheart gowns look amazing on most girls as they are structured and normally come with a built-in bra. It also shows off some appealing parts of the upper body such as the collarbone, neck, and cleavage.

However, if you have a larger bust it might be best to stay away from sweetheart necklines as it draws attention to this area. Think about high neck gowns instead to be on the safer side and create balance.

Think About The Bigger Picture

The neckline is a big part of the dress but it’s not the only part. You want to consider the overall style. Do you want A-line or mermaid? How do you envision the waistline? Do you want more of a fitted look? These are all great questions to ask.

However, keep in mind that sweetheart necklines do lend themselves to strapless designs or gowns with very thin straps.

Adding The Accessories

Now when it comes to accessorizing, sweetheart neckline dresses can be very adaptable due to the space created on your upper frame. However, you want to keep it simple and elegant. Therefore, think about a necklace with a gemstone that matches the shade of your gown. Finally, remember if there are a lot of embellishments on the gown, keep it plain with the jewelry



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