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Acid reflux in babies is a common occurrence with parents constantly seeking remedies to help relieve their infants of the discomfort that comes with it.

With different over-the-counter remedies for quick and fast relief, the use of baby bottles for acid reflux plays a long way in ensuring your infant gets less gas into their system and lessens the effects of acid reflux.

Signs and symptoms of acid reflux in babies

There are several signs and symptoms of acid reflux in infants which often start with breathing problems. The breathing problems always indicate an obstruction in the esophagus. As a result, babies have a hard time feeding swallowing, and often spit up any food contents they might have in their mouths.

Acid reflux issues also cause discomfort to the baby as they often choke and arch their backs while crying due to the pain and sensitivity they feel. This may cause a lot of sleepless nights and exhaust the baby from the crying.

Babies with acid reflux also have problems gaining weight as they rarely want to eat. Therefore, it is hard for them to grow at a normal rate.

The constant gas and tummy problems are a constant nightmare and may deem troublesome to babies. Frequent hiccups and coughing may also be a symptom of acid reflux.

What causes acid reflux in babies?

The feeding method is one of the major causes of acid reflux in babies. For instance, the amount of air that seeps in when the baby is feeding will determine the severity of acidity that they will experience later. Therefore, it is best to ensure that the feeding bottle has all the right parameters that aid prevents air from being stored inside and going up to the nipple. For instance, vents and ribbed bottles ensure that air rarely reaches the nipple by offering ventilation at the base.

Babies are different, and some may prefer an uninterrupted flow while others will prefer slow feeding. Either way, ensuring the right pace during feeding is important. Some baby bottles come with options for adjustable flows which are set during feeding.

It is also important to feed the baby in an upright position to maintain stability. This ensures that the food does not move about and settles well in the stomach.

Baby bottles and acid reflux

The choice of the baby bottle plays a vital role in maintaining acidity levels and preventing the likelihood of acid reflux. Advanced baby bottles minimize the trapped air bubbles that are mixed with milk by providing a seamless and uninterrupted flow.

Finding the right baby bottle to help prevent acid reflux is important. The different options available in the market make it easier to choose the opportune bottle for all your infant’s needs. Below are some noteworthy requirements:

  • Bottle design and material

The design of the bottle is vital in ensuring that air bubbles are not trapped with the milk, later causing acid reflux. For instance, an angled bottle is ideal for the right positioning and preventing air from seeping through. Baby bottles which have molds and vents are also ideal and ease the feeding process. The type of materials used in the bottle should also be BPA and PVC-free. Baby bottles with micro vents placed strategically midway or at the bottom of the bottle prevent the build-up of air from the nipple.

  • Ease of flow and cleaning

A simple baby bottle that is fast to clean and assemble is the way to go. The bottle should offer a seamless transition of the milk from the base to the nipple without any hitches. The bottle should also have easy-to-clean features will fewer parts, which halve the cleaning time and maintain hygiene.

  • Type of nipple

Natural silicone nipples can encourage the baby to feed properly as they resemble and feel like a real nipple. It is also best to understand the amount of flow that emanates from each nipple, from multi-hole designs. For instance, fast-flowing nipples encourage an uninterrupted flow of the milk thereby preventing any air bubbles from forming. However, the type of nipple solely depends on individual preference and what you feel is best for your baby.

  • Extra pieces

Different baby bottles offer additional pieces such as valves, pacifiers, or teats. These provide alternate items to work with in case of a hurry.

Various brands offer a wide range of baby bottles that offer different functional options. It is important to try out and test to find out the right bottle suited for you and your baby. Online stores such as Amazon offer a wide variety of feeding bottles that aid against acid reflux.

Remember that babies feed differently at different paces and different speeds. Therefore, understanding how your baby feeds will greatly aid in selecting the right bottle, be it on with multi-holes on the nipples, or a single hole.


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